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Why Germans rarely use online coupons compared to consumers of other countries

German consumers rarely use online discount coupons compared to citizens of other countries, according to a new survey of shopping behaviour.

The report by polled 1500 online shoppers across the country as well as the UK, Italy, Spain and the US.

According to the research, only 30% of German respondents use discount coupons, compared to 40% of American and 50% of British consumers. In Italy and Spain, meanwhile, the figures are 70% and 60% respectively.

Why do Germans rarely use online coupons compared to consumers of other countries?

Lack of available coupons

The main reason was the lack of available coupons, cited by 42%. 28% said they lacked knowledge of where to find the codes online. Only 38% of German consumers said they were aware of offer codes.

Shop more offline than online

The survey also found that Germans shopped online less than the other countries, with only 54% saying they shopped online at least once a month compared to 79%, 72% and 70% of Brits, Italians and Americans respectively. In Spain the figure was 58%.

Not enough coupons avaiable

The survey results show that Germans rarely shop online and do not use discount codes very often, the main reason being that there are no coupons for many products, but also many respondents, mainly about companies and their newsletters. As a result, many Germans would shop online more frequently if they can save on it.

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