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15 Richest Casino Owners: Las Vegas Billionaires Known To The Whole World

There is a list of casino owners who got rich by opening land-based establishments in Las Vegas. Their names will always be on everyone’s lips. If it is impossible to go to one of them, gamblers choose the most trusted online casino that operates on the Internet. The number of legal websites where the safety of visitors is ensured is increasing with every year passing by.

The situation is fundamentally different from that two decades ago. Back then, fraudulent platforms often appeared on the Internet. To protect themselves, users can read the information at

Now there are safe establishments available. The information about them has been verified by experts. They include casinos that are regulated by the state. They operate on the basis of a license. It is better to check the authorization documents by their reference numbers. Newcomers and regular customers are awarded bonuses. With the right approach, you can increase the bank to be used for real bets.

Names of 15 Lucky Guys: List of Casino Owners

There are billionaire casino owners who made a fortune by opening and developing gambling establishments. The names of 15 of them are listed in the table below.

  1. Sheldon Adelson
  2. Steve Wynn
  3. Donald Trump
  4. Phil Ruffin
  5. Kirk Kerkorian
  6. Lorenzo Fertitta
  7. Johann Graf
  8. Lawrence Ho
  9. William Boyd
  10. Stanley Ho
  11. Elaine Wnn
  12. James Packer
  13. Pansy Ho
  14. Lu Che Woo
  15. Lim Kok Tai

The latter’s name is not directly associated with Las Vegas. Lim Kok Tai opened casinos in seven regions, such as

  • Bahamas;
  • South Korea;
  • United Kingdom;
  • Philippines;
  • Malaysia;
  • USA;
  • Singapore.

The Malaysian tycoon opened Resorts World Catskills in New York. His fortune is estimated at $1.2 billion. One of Lim’s famous whimsies is his love of golf. He has his own courses with full-size water parks.

Occasionally, information about wealthy casino owners appears in the news. For example, there is one interesting fact on CNN’s website at The topic is how the owner of a popular Las Vegas casino surprised his employees. He distributed $27 million among the employees for the holiday.

Players will be interested in information about the people whose names are known around the world. Readers will learn how the path from billionaire to president of the United States was covered. We are talking about Donald Trump.

Donald Trump – the Path from Casino Owner to President of the United States


Donald Trump is one of the Las Vegas casino owners. He was mentioned four times in Forbes magazine in a compilation of the richest people on the planet. According to the filings, real estate was the main source of wealth. It is noteworthy that Donald Trump has been in a partnership with Sheldon Adelson for many years.

During his time at university, Trump was involved in sports. He played soccer, basketball, and baseball.

He became the only billionaire president in U.S. history. Trump’s main income came from real estate in New York. He owns a casino, golf courses, and a winery.

The press mentioned an incident that took place in Las Vegas in 2016. It happened during Donald Trump’s speech. His security officer was attacked. The attacker’s name was Steven Sandford. He tried to take the officer’s gun. Police detained him. A verdict was passed in court, where the perpetrator was charged based on several articles at once.

One of the reasons is the objection to Donald Trump being president of the United States. Society, after learning about the incident, received negative emotions.

Sheldon Adelson is Trump’s Partner and Casino Owner

The main source of Sheldon Adelson’s wealth is the casino. The billionaire’s childhood was tough. He was born into a family of immigrants and lacked everything. Now the casino owner’s fortune exceeds $29 billion. He owns two establishments in the city of gambling. They are Las Vegas Sands and The Sands Hotel & Casino.

Phil Ruffin – Brief Biography and Source of Wealth

Phil Ruffin makes money from casinos and real estate. He also runs his own business. He is the grocer’s son who used to sell hamburgers during his college days. With the proceeds, Phil bought a small store. Ruffin never received a college degree because he withdrew from his studies. To make money, the future billionaire bought:

  • office parks;
  • hotels;
  • shopping centers.

Phil purchased his first casino in 1998. After a while, the businessman resold the gambling establishment to his own advantage. Later, with the proceeds, he acquired Treasure Island, another land-based casino. Its value doubled over 22 years, which was good news for the heirs.

The billionaire is married to a former Miss Ukraine named Alexandra. The best man at his wedding was Donald Trump. His friendship with the former president of the United States lasts to this day. Together they run hotels and casinos that are jointly owned.

Kirk Kerkorian is a Real Estate Tycoon

Although Kirk Kerkorian died, his name remains on the list of billionaires. In his youth, he worked in a car service. Later he trained in aviation school. He became a tycoon in real estate and movies. At the age of 98, he received the title of the second billionaire in the world. The title of the first was previously given to David Rockefeller. Kirk Kerkorian’s life knew ups and downs. He made three purchases to open a business in Las Vegas. They were:

  1. a land plot;
  2. a hotel;
  3. a casino.

He owned it all since 1962. In 2011, the tycoon decided to retire.


You can read about famous Las Vegas casino owners. This information will be interesting to gamblers. In addition to visiting land-based establishments, users can register at casino websites. There are safe establishments verified by experts. They operate legally on the basis of permits.


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