Wagering Requirements Explained: How to Understand and Beat Wagering Requirements

Since the beginning of this century, online casinos realized that they could compete with land-based casinos only if they offer their players exceptional deals. Those promos attract players from land-based casinos to play online.

The bonus system was simple and clear. Some gambling sites used to give some 1-5 dollars to sign up an account on their websites. But later, the internet revolution started, and the worldwide web has become more popular among people. The Internet began to gain more and more users worldwide, and all the online services and websites started to attract users.

Online casino sites had to change the way they offer these bonuses and deals to attract new players if they want to keep it running, and that is when wagering requirements started to appear. Gambling sites had to find a new way to keep the business profitable on the one hand but expand their user base on the other hand.

What Does Wager Mean?

Players get a welcome bonus upon joining the online casino site. The wagering requirement is used to prevent the players from withdrawing the free cash they have received from the gambling site immediately. This means that the wagering requirements are usually a certain number of bets, or a certain amount, each player must spend in order to be able to withdraw the welcome bonus or any other bonus winnings the casino offers.

Why Do Casinos Use Wagering Requirements?

The main concern for online gambling sites is to make a profit while keeping their users entertained. Therefore, online casinos find it necessary to offer their players some exciting bonuses but also apply wagering requirements. Suppose the gambling is not requiring the players to wager their bonus winnings a specific number of times before they are able to withdraw them. In that case, a huge number of players can take advantage of the bonus and withdraw the winnings at once, causing the online casino to run out of business.

Casinos offer bonuses to attract new players and keep their position in the competition. Many gambling sites require their players to meet the wagering requirements, while few others do not. You can find many reliable no wagering online casinos in Canada where you can claim the bonus without worrying about spending lots of money to be able to withdraw the bonus winnings. Those gambling sites that do not require wagering bonus winnings also offer their users the same generous bonuses just like any other reliable casino site.

What Is The Benefit Of Wagering Requirement For The Users?

If to look at online casino wagering requirements, you may think it is there just to protect the gambling sites and secure their profit. But if to look at the rewards the online casino players get just by activating their welcome bonus, you will understand that the wagering requirements have some advantage for your also as a player. As we mentioned before, online casinos usually offered a 1-5 dollar bonus to attract new players. But now, you can get up to a 100% match bonus for your deposit in addition to other rewards like free spins. So, the wagering requirement may be secured the casino’s profit, but it also allows the gambling sites to offer their players more exciting and generous bonuses.

How Are The Wagering Requirements Calculated?

Depending on the bonus value: Calculating the online casino wagering requirement is very simple. The wagering range is between 5-55 times at most online casinos. For example, if the casino tells you that the wagering requirement is 5 times the bonus value. And the bonus, in this case, is $ 100. This means that the player must bet 100 * 5 = $ 500 on different games in order to be able to withdraw the bonus he got through the casino promotion

Depending on the deposit amount: Some casinos set wagering requirements on the player’s deposit bonus. For example, if you deposits $ 100 and the offer available on the online casino is 50% of the deposit value, then you get an additional $ 50 that he can deposit into his account. Some casinos require their players to wager an amount equal to 20 times the value of the deposit amount and the bonus amount, in which case we are talking about a bet of 150 * 20 = 3000 USD that the player must bet on them in the games shown through the promotion in order to be able to withdraw The profits he made in this game, whether these profits were from the welcome gifts he received or from the amount he deposited.

The Bonus Terms

Finally, the terms and conditions of the wagering requirements must be carefully read before accepting the casino’s reward, as there are some bonuses whose terms and conditions are somewhat unfair and restrict the players’ winnings significantly. As mentioned above, some terms and conditions may stipulate that players’ earnings are completely restricted until they meet the bonus requirements, even if it is small! Therefore, we recommend that you read the terms and conditions first, and then you can make a decision about whether or not to accept this bonus.

The Bottom Line

Anytime you see some amazing rewards offered by some casino site, mind to check the bonus terms and conditions to know more about the wagering and the other conditions. Try to avoid those gambling sites that require wagering bonus winnings over 50 times because that will take a lot of time and luck to achieve. Check the no wagering casinos as well. Some of them offer really generous deals that can enhance your online gambling with the ability to withdraw whenever you want.

About the author: Jeff Blaylock is a former risk management team member, but now he is a researcher and writer on online gambling development. Over the years, Jeff has published many informative and educational articles online to help the other researchers. His main goal is to provide the new online casino users with all the knowledge they need to understand how such websites work.

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