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TOP Transcription Services to Work Well for Your Goals

If you have realized that you need to accompany your video or audio with good transcriptions, it is necessary to make good searches of those. You need to compare many parameters and options those services offer, review customer feedback, prices, and other matters. This review may be helpful in a rush with your transcribing problems. Here are the top problem solvers in the field of making good transcriptions.


This is a good option that may be suitable for a wide range of users. Transcriberry provides entirely customized transcription services that can be both automated and human-made. The company may deal with any cases of converting audio to text and video to the text of any complexity and quality. The accuracy level for its service reaches 99-100%. The service has a good support team and can ensure quality transcription services at any time this may be required. The service is flexible about providing various options to the customers and customizing its services to their needs.

It charges only 25 cents per 1 minute of recording for automated transcription. If a customer prefers human-made transcription, that may cost 1.25 per minute only. The service can also ensure translation and subtitle-making services.

This company is the best one among all the options we have reviewed. It has a comprehensive range of services and requests moderate rates for its work. The service provides good support too and is always available.

This company is good for its automated transcription services. It uses advanced technical tools and strategies for processing content. It also works with such big companies as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. Even taking into account its experience and portfolio, this service charges silly money of 25 cents per 1 minute of a video.

To get your content transcribed, it is necessary to upload a file only. The ready transcript will be ready in a couple of minutes. This service provides options for converting content to PDF, Word, and VTT formats.

Taking into account the quality of produced materials, this company may be easily approved as the best-automated transcription service in 2021.


This service can be easily considered as the best human transcription service in 2021. It ensures a high level of accuracy and involves good professionals for making such transcriptions. If a customer has no time for watching a video for a long time, professionals may easily find enough time for arranging that well. This transcription service is more expensive compared with automatic ones for obvious reasons. Still, we consider its charge as moderate as it is 1.25 for 1 minute only. Getting human-generated transcripts may become necessary in certain complicated video samples. The company also has good support and is reachable 24/7.

Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Transcription Service

If you decide to look through various options on your own, we suggest you consider those that offer at least those features all previous services ensure. What are the main criteria we used while identifying the best transcription services from our point of view? Here are the major ones we suggest you consider too while making your own researches:

  1. The level of accuracy

This is the most important aspect while making any text transcriptions. It deals with transmitting the essence of what has been said to a textual form with keeping it short and correct. This becomes extremely crucial in certain cases, like for medical transcription.

Good services can deal with complicated cases, like ones that have background noises and deal with accents. Advanced AI and professional transcribers can ensure even a 100% level of accuracy, and you may be sure. Such an offer is usually accompanied by a respective guarantee. So, pay attention to those. Transmitting the correct meaning is extremely important.

  1. Turnaround time

Here it is important to pay attention to the time-quality balance. Most AI services can provide you the outcome nearly immediately. While for human transcription services, the entire work may take approximately 12 hours. Of course, each case should be evaluated individually because there may be complicated accents or background noises. But, in any case, the process should not last ages, you may be sure. It is also suggested to choose services that operate 24/7. They are reachable at any time, and that is more than convenient for users.

  1. Prices

In this aspect, it is suggested to pay attention to the transparency of the pricing system. You should be aware of how much you will need to pay for certain ordered transcription services. It is better to avoid low-cost offers as they are not likely ones that can ensure good quality. Also, too expensive service may not be proven to be extremely quality too. While making your assessment, pay attention to moderate options and customers’ reviews about those. That may be the best solution. Another important point is that quality should be emphasized a bit more than the price for that service. Also, you can visit for more transcription savings.

Final Words

Transcription services may help you a lot while dealing with complicated video or other content. While choosing your own preferences, pay special attention to the level of accuracy ensured, costs, and quality of transcription services. Or you may easily save this article and choose those services we have mentioned before. They can help you to forget about routine and DoFollow more important goals for you.

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