Tips to Save Money for Black Singles in a Big Town

It is harder to plan a budget in a big city, especially if you’re dreaming of dating someone. So, for your convenience prepared a list of dating sites where you can meet like-minded people easily and save money together.

Here are some tips you could consider:

  • Always take food and drinks with you

Wherever it is allowed, it will always be cheaper than buying “locally.”

  • Forget about bars

Bars and clubs are literally a vacuum cleaner for your money.  It’s easier to meet people on online dating sites.  You probably don’t have enough money to buy drinks for every girl you approach.  In a word, there are many places where they will not pull out half of your salary.

  • Walk

If the road is less than 1.5 – 2 km, walk this path instead of driving or using public transport.

  • Prioritize

The main thing in saving is to separate “need” from “want.”  The really necessary spending should be at the top of the list of expenses.  But most often, you can refuse whims.  Meanwhile, most people spend up to 30% of their money on just such a moment’s “want.”  Before you buy something, ask yourself, “Do I really need this?”

Install apps with discounts “ShopSavvyl” and other similar tools will allow you to find out in time about where you can get discounts, coupons, etc., in stores.  This will greatly reduce spending.

  • Join restaurant loyalty programs

Almost every restaurant or bar have loyalty programs. Usually, requirements for participating are placed on the menu, or you can notice a special QR-code. For example, most of them asking you to leave a positive review on Google maps. In this way, you can receive a discount.

Try Online Dating to Meet a Like-Minded Person

If you’re a newbie in a big city and don’t have any friends living there – try to use some dating sites. Most of them have search features bound to your current location. You can meet someone interesting and ask to arrange a short excursion. It is better than spending your time in an empty hotel room and will save you money. It is much easier to find “your” kind of person on the Internet.  A large number of users increases the chances of success, and filters help weed out inappropriate profiles.

Have a Movie Night with Black Singles at Home

Probably, many of us have been at well-known movie nights with friends.  When, along with the ticket, you get not only the opportunity to see a great watchlist of interesting movies but also the feeling of a holiday from hanging out with friends, pleasant music, a hearty buffet table, and intriguing happening.  This trick also works with dating.  If you are a poor black student in a big city and taking a girl you just met in a movie isn’t the case for you, home movie night is a perfect idea.  Just before you go into the assault, make sure that the apartment is clean. Conjure the surroundings, cook something to eat. It could be a large plate of chips (yes, girls eat chips), and you shouldn’t bother with the fact that it’s supposedly cheap. The main guest of this night is your girlfriend and a good selection of films. Good luck on your journey!

About the Author

Lillie Byrd

Lillie Byrd is a saving expert for CouponKirin. He has been a newspaper reporter and editor, authored a personal finance book in 2012. She previously was a reporter at Digital Journal, covering consumer products, society, and other business topics. She also has a certificate in finance from Boston University.