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The Ultimate Guide to Having Fun Alone

Are you often alone? Wonderful! You can do a lot with your free time: You can promote your creativity, but you can also pamper yourself relentlessly. Read on if you need inspiration for your “me” time.

Learn to love your alone time

Enjoy the freedom.

You have to learn to value your alone time to make the best use of it. Love the benefits and develop a positive attitude. Appreciate that you can do, say, think or behave however you want. You don’t have to worry about other people’s thoughts or judgments when you’re alone. You can be yourself and don’t have to think twice about saying or thinking something. You don’t have to conform to the tastes, preferences, or desires of others when making a decision. If you want to watch horrible reality TV, no one can beg you to switch. If you want to go for a long walk or jog, no one can complain that you’ve been gone for so long or sabotage your plans. You don’t have to look good for anyone. If you want to spend all day in your pajamas, not combing your hair and not brushing your teeth, go for it. Nobody tells you anything and nobody will disparagingly examine your unicorn slippers.

Nothing is embarrassing.

There is always something a little awkward among people at some point. When you’re alone, you don’t have to answer awkward questions about your love life or listen to someone talk about their cat’s claustrophobia.

Love you and your mistakes

When you have time to yourself, you can distance yourself from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life and interaction. You have time to be alone and enjoy your company. If you want to enjoy your alone time, just be yourself. Appreciate your mistakes. Talk to yourself, to your chair, dance weird while brushing your teeth, slide instead of a walk if you can, etc. Take time to appreciate what a wonderful and unique person you are. Define yourself by your unique qualities rather than your relationships and the opinions of others. When you are alone, you can reflect on who you are without the influence of others.

Appreciate little things.

You can enjoy your alone time by noticing and appreciating the little things in your life. When others aren’t distracting you, you can pay attention to the small details that you might not otherwise notice. Take your time to look around. Look how many small, fine details you recognize. Be glad you notice it and take a moment to allow and enjoy that joy. Observe yourself. Notice the small shifts in your mood, thoughts, feelings, and perceptions. Find out what caused these shifts and how it is affecting you physically and emotionally. When you connect with yourself and find out what makes you tick, you get insights into yourself that you never had before.

Get creative

Write a blog.

Write about your favorite movies, games, bands, books, computers, celebrities – anything that interests you. Search “free blogging platforms”, choose a nice design that fits the theme, and find a creative title. Others will enjoy reading if you enjoy researching and writing your blog. Share a link to your first post on Facebook so your friends can comment The great thing about a blog is that it can be endlessly entertaining Make a new post whenever you find the time.

Experiment in the kitchen.

It doesn’t have to be perfect since you only cook for yourself. Cook a recipe you’ve always wanted to try, or cook something simple and satisfying, like an omelet or pasta alfredo. Create something of your own without a recipe. Start with a base, like pasta or rice, and add your favorite ingredients or things you want to taste, like cabbage, tomatillos, buffalo meat, or chia seeds. Bake easy chocolate chip cookies and take the chance to make cookies just for you.

Draw or paint.

Go to a craft store and buy some supplies, or just use a pen and piece of paper you have at home. If you’re not artistically talented, you can buy a paint-by-numbers kit. It’s fun and very satisfying. When you’re done, you can use it to decorate your home. Make a comic strip or webcomic. Use yourself, celebrities, relatives or friends as inspiration for the characters. You can add artistic detail to your comic or work with messy stick figures. Put them in funny situations and show your friends.

Make a scrapbook.

Make a scrapbook if you have boxes full of photos, old tickets, menus, and other random souvenirs. Purchase a blank scrapbook from a craft or drug store. Sort everything you want to keep by date and category. Make these items artistic and glue them into the scrapbook. Write funny or sentimental headlines.

Write a book

You’ll never have as much time for it as you do now – so make the most of it. The silence helps you focus. If one book seems too much, you can write something smaller but just as expressive: write a journal entry or start a new journal. Write a letter to someone you haven’t seen in a long time. List your goals for the next month or year.

Spoil yourself

Go eating.

There is no reason not to go out to eat alone. It can be very nice to go to the restaurant of your choice, order what you want, drink what you want and have the whole table yourself. If you want to socialize, you can eat at the bar. People at bars tend to be friendlier, more open and have better stories. Go to your favorite restaurant and order whatever you’re craving. Bring a book if you want, or enjoy your meal while people-watching.

Take a long bath or shower.

If someone usually occupies the bathroom, now is the time to stay in the bathroom as long as you want. Use your favorite toiletries. Run a bubble bath or use your favorite essential oils. Light candles, turn on music and relax or treat yourself to a long shower.

Get your nails done.

Make an appointment at the nail salon or go for a non-appointment treatment. If you don’t want to spend money on manicures, you can do them yourself. Don’t just paint your nails; treat yourself. File your nails, take a hand bath and apply several coats of nail polish. If you still have the time and equipment for it, you can also treat yourself to a pedicure.


If you have so much time alone, you can sleep a lot. Take a nap or go to bed as early as you like. If you’re alone in the morning, sleep in or get up, make breakfast, and go back to bed. Breakfast in bed!

Improve yourself

Fulfill your commitments.

The best thing about “Me-Time” is that nobody interrupts you. Do your schoolwork, study for an exam, tidy your room, organize your finances, etc. Use this time to your advantage. It can be fun to remodel your room. You can rearrange the furniture for a new look when everything is clean. Set up new decorations to give everything a new touch. Organize your papers using a new color system, make a calendar, and write down your plans for the coming months.

Learn a new skill.

If you take the time to practice a skill whenever you are alone, you will become very good at it. Is there a guitar or piano in the house that anyone rarely plays? Here we go! Try logic games and puzzles. There is a lot of choice on the internet and many apps for smartphones. Alternatively, you can try a Rubik’s Cube and become a genius.

Take a course.

Learn something you’ve always wanted to know or find something that interests you and book a class. There are many free or cheap courses online. But you can also go to an adult education center. Free courses often run without homework or exams. So if you are afraid of grades, choose a course without exams.

Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time.

Call relatives or friends who live far away. Email or text them if you don’t want to call them. Alone time is a great way to reconnect with people you’ve lost it with.

Meditate or take time to think.

During distraction-free alone time, you can calm down and focus inward. You can reflect in peace. Rethink decisions that have been troubling you lately. What are the pros and cons? Write them down to organize your thoughts. Use your imagination. Go to another place in your head and imagine a different world. Daydreams. Allow it! You might find a great new idea for a story or blog post. Meditate Sit quietly, close your eyes, and pay attention to the sounds, smells, and sensations around you. Don’t think about anything, and focus on your breathing.

Get active

Get out and enjoy nature.

A walk or hike alone allows you to enjoy nature without distractions. You’ll be surprised at how enjoyable alone time in nature can be. Go to a park, lake, river, or wildlife sanctuary near you, especially if you’ve never been there. Have a picnic. Ride a bike. It’s liberating to see the world from a bike. Find a quiet, idyllic spot or find and explore bike trails in your area.

Do sports.

You have time to yourself, so get fit. It’s a great pastime and you promote your physical and mental well-being. Go for a jog around the neighborhood or run on the treadmill. Search online for sports videos, like yoga or pilates, and join them. Turn on music and dance in front of the mirror. Invent a dance and later teach it to friends and family. Do a sport you’ve never tried before. Research the gear you need and find a club or team in your area to join. Sign up at the gym. You get fit and socialize.

Embark on an adventure.

You don’t account to anyone, so find a spot on the map you’ve never been and go there. Head to the beach and spend the day tanning or swimming. Drive to a city you’ve never been to or check out a new park. Take pictures that you can show others later. Go fishing and catch fish to show people or cook and eat.

Have fun

Engage in your favorite mediums – especially your vices.

Host a movie night with all your favorite movies. Read many books or magazines to cover or relax with a serial marathon. Have a movie/tv/music night. Choose a topic and do your marathon. Good themes include werewolves, 80’s, romance, Broadway musicals, or whatever amuses you. Once you’re through your favorites, you can browse for new bands, movies, and TV shows. Read music blogs, listen to podcasts, and see what Spotify or Pandora recommend. Alternatively, you can explore Netflix.


If you are not a gamer, you can try. If you’re a gamer, expand your horizons. Plan a video game night or go to a new video game store. Look for older or lesser-known titles at thrift stores or online. Host a video game tournament if you have the supplies. On many platforms, you can play together with others. When your friends are not around you can play with new and different people from all over the world. Try new non-video games like RPGs, Live Action Role Playing, etc. Go back to your childhood and find your favorite board games. What if you need multiple players? Then you play for all players. Compete with yourself and enjoy that you will win.


Dig out your photo albums, scrapbooks, and yearbooks and think of the old days. You may find old friends or relatives you have lost contact with. Find their contact information and get in touch. Use these memories as inspiration. Write short stories, autobiographical excerpts, blog posts, comics, etc.

Explore the wonders of the internet.

Discover the digital world. There’s a lot to explore. Go for a virtual walk. Open any website – it doesn’t matter which one – and then see where it takes you. Search for terms or ideas mentioned or linked and follow them. Do the same with a new page and see where that takes you. You will be amazed at the absurd knowledge you accumulate. Look at all sorts of tutorials and explainer pages – and try this out. If you want to experiment with your hair and makeup, find tutorials and try them on yourself. If you enjoy crafting or creating this, look for tutorials on how to make this (birdhouses, creme brulee, pillows, whatever) and do your best. You might find a hidden talent.


Use your time alone and do something you would never do around people. Try something you have NEVER done, not even once, in your life. Create a to-do list and work through it. Think about how grateful you are to be alive and enjoy the moment. Read a book. Relax, watch YouTube videos and snuggle up in your bed. Play a game Go out on a nice day. Go for a walk or just enjoy the day. Make a scrapbook and show it to friends and family. Put on some music and dance to it.


Always be careful and aware of your surroundings when you are traveling alone. Don’t go on the internet and tell people you’re home alone. Only tell close friends and family that you are home alone.


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