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The Ultimate Guide to Earning Money without Work


Wouldn’t it be great if you could get money without having to work for it? While there’s no foolproof way to get rich without working, there are ways that you can make money with little effort. If you can afford to invest money or are willing to put in some effort, you can certainly make money without a traditional job.

Earn money in an unconventional way

Rent out a room in your apartment or house.

If you have one or more rooms in your apartment that you never really use, think about furnishing them nicely and renting them out. Inform yourself beforehand that everything is legal and that you are not violating any laws or clauses in your rental agreement. If everything is in order, you can regularly make good money from the rental without having to do much besides making the room nice. I The more privacy the room offers, the more rent you can charge. If you have a whole granny flat with a kitchen and a bathroom in the basement, you can of course charge a lot more for it than for a simple room in your flat. Only rent to responsible and trustworthy people who will pay their rent on time and respect your property. You should screen your tenants for their background and creditworthiness before signing a lease. Also ask for references from previous landlords and a current payslip. Services like Airbnb can help you connect with travelers and other people looking for short-term accommodation. If you rent the room per night, you can earn a lot more than with long-term rental, depending on occupancy.

Earn money online.

There are countless ways you can make money online, but most require some work and effort. If you’re willing to put in a little effort to establish your own brand, you could make really good money doing it. Start a website or blog. If your site gets a lot of fans and clicks, you can sell banner ads and make a lot of money from it. If you’re not a great writer, you can also start a photo or video blog. If you’re particularly knowledgeable about a particular topic, you can try to monetize your knowledge in the form of eBooks, webinars, or instructional videos. You might be able to tutor someone in math, teach them to juggle, teach a foreign language, etc. You can definitely do something that others would love to be able to do! If you’re willing to do more traditional jobs, you can work as a freelance writer or virtual assistant. Look online for freelance and telecommuting job boards.

Earn royalties and royalties.

If you’re willing to put in a lot of work to make money in the long run, you could, for example, write a book or a song or invent a new product. The chances are pretty slim that you’ll have a huge hit with it, but if your work becomes well-known and popular, you can make money from it in the long run without having to do anything for it any longer. It is also possible to buy or bid on the rights to a work, but you should do your research beforehand to make sure the investment is worthwhile.

Take odd jobs.

If you don’t like the idea of ​​going to work regularly in a regular job, but would be willing to invest a few hours every day to do something in town or on the internet, you can definitely make a living from it. Before you accept a job, you should clarify exactly how much, when and in what form you will be paid. Participate in focus groups. Some of these may require you to be present in person, while others work online. You get paid to listen to presentations and share your thoughts on them. Online surveys are a quick and easy way to make a few bucks. There are many companies that offer paid surveys, such as YouGov or Opinion Square. If you enjoy surfing the web, you can also get paid to test new websites and give your opinion on them. Mystery shopping is a great option for you if you love shopping or eating out. All you have to do is visit a store and act like a normal customer. You then share your experiences and impressions with the company. Depending on the type of job, you will either be paid for it, get to keep the items you purchase, or receive compensation in the form of other goods or services. You can check individual company websites to see if they are currently looking for mystery shoppers or perusing third-party lists.

Sell things

If you have items at home that you don’t need, sell them on eBay, Amazon, or through local classifieds sites. If you have a talent for crafts, you can also sell crafts on Etsy or similar platforms. If you’re willing to put in some effort, you can definitely buy and resell things for a profit. The trick is to find bargains at flea markets or save things from the trash, only to then resell them online at a higher price. This works very well for books, for example, which are fairly easy to store and ship. If selling online isn’t for you, host your own garage sale or sell at local flea markets or craft markets.

Beg and scrounge.

If all else fails, you always have the option to ask other people for money. If you decide to do this, then you should do it on a busy street or pedestrian area where many people pass by. In fact, some people make a decent living from scrounging, although it’s tedious and you’ll have to spend a lot of time on the road in inclement weather. Your image is everything if you want to “successfully” crochet. You should look needy enough that other people will feel sorry for you and want to help you, but in no way can you appear off-putting or dangerous. You may have more success if you can entertain passers-by by playing an instrument, singing, doing little magic tricks, or some other kind of performance. But be aware that money earned in this way has to be taxed again, which is not the case with begging money.

Let your existing money make more money

Lend money

If you already have some money left over, you can make extra money by lending it and earning interest on it. There are some companies that match potential lenders with applicants. The private lender market may be declining, but it’s still around. If you want to lend money, make sure everything is legal.

Earn interest.

Instead of leaving your money lying around in your checking account (or under your mattress), put it in a savings account where it earns interest, such as a money market account, certificate of deposit account, or retirement account. Such accounts earn more interest than normal savings accounts. Ask a professional at your bank what they can recommend. With many of these savings contracts, you have to deposit a minimum amount in order to get any interest at all. Also, the money often has to be locked up for a long period of time, so you won’t be able to access your money during that time if you do need it, or at least have to pay a fee for it.

Invest in stocks.

One way you can make money without working is to speculate successfully in the stock market. Stock market trading is always risky, but if you’re smart, careful and a little lucky, you can get rich in the stock market. Whichever investments you decide on, never speculate with money that you could not get over in case of doubt. Cheap eTrading platforms are ideal for investors who don’t want to pay anything to have someone manage their investments. There are endless investment strategies out there, so do your research to find out which one suits you. Whichever one you choose, it is important that you keep a diversified portfolio and always stay informed about current developments in the market.

Invest in a company.

If you invest in a successful company, you may soon be set – but you have to find such a company first. If you’re lucky enough to find a startup that you absolutely believe in, still do some thorough research before you invest. It is very important that you have confidence in the management of the company. Even if the concept is great, bad management can mean the end of a company. You should have a thorough understanding of the company’s costs and profit opportunities, as well as its brand and image before investing. Make sure your rights are set out in a clear contract. You should also definitely know how to get out of this agreement in case of doubt. Never invest all your money in one company. Otherwise, when things go down the drain, you’ll be left empty-handed.

Trade real estate.

Buy cheap, run-down properties, increase their value (either through renovations or simply by waiting for the market situation to improve) and sell them for a profit. If you make smart decisions and have the practical know-how for renovations, you can earn thousands of euros with every deal. However, always keep in mind that unexpected costs and a weakening real estate market can also bring you a big minus in such deals. Make sure you know exactly how the local market works before investing in real estate, otherwise you could lose a lot of money. If you can’t afford to let other service providers do your work more or less for you, you have a lot of work to do. And even if you employ people, you still have to monitor them. If you don’t have the money to trade real estate, there are many other things you can trade in, such as furniture and cars. If you can buy something cheap, upgrade it yourself, and sell it for a profit, it’s good for trading.

Lend money

Take out a bridging loan.

If you have a job but need a little more money before your next salary, then a bridging loan may be right for you. This is a short-term small loan that you can usually easily apply for online or in a conventional office. For example, you can take out a mini loan, ranging from €100-5000. The term is usually 14-60 days. However, you should pay attention to the interest rates, but if you need money quickly, this would be an option. Be very careful with this type of loan as the interest rates are usually very high. You should only use such a loan in an absolute emergency.

Take a cash advance from your credit card.

Upon request, many credit card providers will transfer part of your credit line to your checking account or allow you to withdraw cash from ATMs with your credit card. But just like a bridging loan, a cash advance can be very expensive because of the high interest rates. Always read the fine print carefully so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into and how much it will ultimately cost you.

Get a loan from a bank.

Banks and credit unions offer many different loans. Some of these, like mortgage loans, require you to bring personal belongings as collateral in case you can’t repay the loan. If you don’t have a house or other valuable possessions, you can still get a personal loan depending on your financial situation. Be sure to compare terms, fees, terms, and interest rates from different providers before you take out a loan. Cooperatives often offer more favorable conditions than banks. Only take out a loan if you can safely meet the repayment dates. Otherwise, high reminder fees or penalty interest await you, especially with mini loans. In contrast to normal bank loans, short-term loans can often be accessed within 24 hours. Always be aware of the higher interest rates with P2P or personal loans. Before you take out a loan, ask yourself whether you really need the money that badly. After all, debt is not only a financial burden, but often a psychological one.

Borrow money from friends and family.

Be aware that borrowing money from people close to you can cause problems because if you can’t pay back the money, your relationship could suffer. If you choose to borrow money from friends and family, be sure to be honest with them about when you expect to be able to return the money.

Earn money without effort

Inheritance money.

If you have a wealthy elderly relative, you may well receive a tidy sum when their time comes. Of course, you have a much better chance of being included in the will if you had a good relationship. So you should try to be on good terms with your relative. It should go without saying that you treat the person with love and respect, not just because you want their money. That would be very cruel and cynical.

Win the lottery.

Playing the lottery doesn’t cost much if you don’t overdo it, and you can fill out and hand in tickets at any corner. It is therefore a cheap and inexpensive way of making money. However, you are much more likely to lose your bet than to land the big one. Always assume that money you invest in lottery tickets is lost money. Of course, you can’t win the lottery if you don’t play, but you should never count on winning to make a living from it. Be realistic, your chances of hitting the jackpot are negligible.

Win a sweepstakes.

Similar to the lottery, a raffle can completely change your life from one day to the next. Your chances of winning are not very high, but it can happen. The more sweepstakes you enter, the better your chances of winning money or other valuable prizes. The advantage compared to the lottery is that participation in sweepstakes is usually free. Check out the internet, such as social media, to find free contests to enter. You can also find such sweepstakes by carefully browsing the supermarket. Often they can be found on product packaging, and sometimes you don’t even have to buy the product to participate. If you’re serious about entering as many sweepstakes as possible, find one or more sweepstakes newsletters to sign up for. This way you always get the latest competitions delivered directly to your email inbox and don’t have to search for them for hours. Many sweepstakes on the Internet are data octopuses or simply fraud, so always be careful. Don’t enter sweepstakes that ask you to buy something, pay for something, or give your credit card number. Be very careful about what personal information you give out when entering sweepstakes. It often happens that online providers advertise with bonuses and special bonuses. With the right choice, you can possibly increase your intended capital (often also called bankroll). However, always be careful when choosing online casinos and compare them so that you only act and deposit money on reputable platforms.


Unless you’re incredibly lucky, you’re going to have to work for your money. Find something you enjoy so work doesn’t become a torture. Find a mentor who is financially secure and learn from him or her. Stay away from gambling if you are prone to addiction. Beware of magical guides that promise quick riches. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Any type of investment can go awry, so never invest more than you can afford to have.


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