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Supporting Ukraine: Volunteer Organizations & Charities

As the situation in Ukraine escalates, many of us at Couponkirin are left with emotions too overwhelming to name. If you’d like to show your support but aren’t sure how to, we want to help make it easier for you to act. Please check the list linked below and donate any amount.

Volunteer Organizations

  • Coordination Center of Kyiv – helping people forced to resettle, to find accommodation and employment.
  • Armiya SOS – procurement of necessary military ammunition, means of protection, communications and intelligence, food and uniform, as well as their delivery directly to front line.
  • “Patriot” All-Ukrainian Association – financial and social support of servicemen. The volunteers raise money to buy helmets, uniform, weapons, and ammunition for soldiers.
  • Charitable Fund for helping the army “Come Back Alive” – work with officer corps and personnel of military units and control of the delivery of equipment from warehouse to soldiers. Purchase of infrared thermal imaging cameras, night vision goggles, haemostatic medications, and other necessary things for the army.
  • DemAlliance Help — social, psychological, informational, and legal assistance to the families of ATO servicemen and those soldiers affected by hostilities; psychological self-help training; social club available for members of the families of soldiers.
  • Volunteer Association “Anyone Can Help”– provision of assistance to displaced persons, aid to the victims in the ATO zone (wounded, tortured) and the families of victims; humanitarian aid delivered to the ATO zone (food, clothing, household necessities, medications); helping the most vulnerable social groups deprived of attention as a result of hostilities (children in orphanages, homes for elderly people, rehabilitation centers, etc.)
  • Wings of Phoenix — charitable foundation “Wings of Phoenix Charity Organization” providing assistance in equipping Ukrainian army with non-lethal means of personal protection (bullet-proof vests, helmets), treatment of wounded soldiers, repair of military detachments, purchase of individual first-aid kits.
  •  Support Army of Ukraine – charitable foundation created with a purpose to attract conscious citizens and representatives of business community to organize operational logistical support of Ukraine’s Armed Forces and security forces — everyone keeping guarding the peace and calm in the toughest conditions.
  •  Diana Makarova FOUNDATION — an initiative group of civic activists to assist the army and the National Guard of Ukraine, wounded and refugees, as well as families of military men.
  • Come Back Alive — a charitable foundation to assist the army that purchases thermal imagers, night vision goggles, hemostatic drugs and other things for units involved in the ATO.
  •  Volunteers Without Borders — a volunteer group that provides logistical support to ATO soldiers fighting in the Ukraine’s East.
  •  Office Sotnia of Aid to Ukrainian Army — association of concerned office employees from different companies, as well as their friends, relatives and people they know who are willing to supply Ukrainian military men with accouterments, technical equipment, medications, and other life-saving items.

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