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Steam cards: the best present for the most hardcore gamers

Steam cards: the best present for the most hardcore gamers

Making a gift to a friend who is fond of computer games is not an easy task, especially if you yourself do not understand anything about it. Naturally, giving users video games is the first and most obvious option. It is easy to make a mistake and choose the wrong option or buy a computer game that is already in the library. Do not fret, the Steam online shop will help in easily purchasing digital Steam cards. On our game store, you can find Steam gift cards. Our game shop is used by gamers in Europe, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Ukraine. Some of the most well-known software is available for Europe on the Steam official website.

Features Steam Gift Card

Before buying a computer game, it’s a good idea to check your Wishlist in the Steam Library. If you are unsure of someone’s desires, then you should not choose the computer game yourself, because there is a more convenient way — this is Steam gift cards. It is easy to choose a 50-euro Steam card of the required denomination at the Punktid store. Punktid service also offers 10 euro Steam cards and 20 euro Steam cards of your choice. In 2023, you’ll be able to find your favorite video games with top-notch graphics, and a compelling story thanks to Punktid’s online shop.

Both digital and physical Steam gift cards are available 24/7 here. You can buy and present such Steam cards, and after Steam gift cards activation, your friend will receive money on his balance, and then he will be able to buy the good he is interested in.

Not everyone among Europe users who have recently received Steam cards knows how to use them the right way.

Steam gift cards function like gift certificates. New steam cards can be used to purchase software, video games, wallet credits, and any other items available for purchase at

The Steam Cards are a flexible gift that allows you to purchase any item from our extensive selection of Steam keys and game-related content. Purchasing steam cards for personal use as a small gift is also in order.

Benefits and features of the Steam store

Gamers can use Steam’s user-friendly online shop to buy and launch video games, chat with other gamers, build gaming communities, and other things.

Users of Steam have the following options:

• play on any supported device in the Steam store;

• buy promotional content at a discount and get some paid products for free;

• install game updates as a matter of priority — the Steam store does this automatically;

• to not worry about the security of personal information because the Steam store looks after it;

• make backup copies of game distributions and save them;

• reactivate supported games that you have boxed copies of;

• use Steam cards to purchase games for other users;

• join communities, make personal pages and groups, etc.;

• utilize the integrated voice chat feature to send and receive messages;

• inventory, Steam cards, and other game things can be traded bought and sold.

Additionally, because the Steam store is the official outlet for game material, the goods that are sold there are legitimate and secure.

Steam cards denominations

Almost any Steam card associated with the distribution of games or services has both a physical and an electronic version. In most developed countries, like Europe, the denomination of cards is quite logical and simple: 10, 20, 50, and 100 euro Steam cards, respectively. In order to use this Steam card, find the scratch code on the backside. In addition, the cashier will provide a code at the checkout to prevent theft.

How can you use Steam Maps?

Using the Steam card is easy.

Go to the Steam store and make sure you are logged in. Then click “Add Game” and select “Steam Wallet Code”.

Choose how much you want to add. Then click Continue.

The next page will display your wallet code, as well as a text field where you can enter smaller denominations of wallet codes if you wish. Simply click the Add Funds to Wallet button to add money to your account.

That’s it, you now have money in your wallet that you can use for future game purchases.


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