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Software Tools to Boost Digital Marketing Efficiency

Software Tools to Boost Digital Marketing Efficiency

I believe that digital marketing is the future. The future of individuals and the future of businesses. When you choose the right tools, you can escape the operating tasks to focus on strategy development. Some applications on this list are foundational — things you simply can’t live without. However, other tools are like the cherry on the top, they can help you boost your performance when you’re looking for something special that will steal the show.

To take your digital marketing to the next level, I’ve outlined the top marketing tools I always have in my tool belt. Don’t wait for the best moment to install them, it is right now!

Tools for Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of digital marketing’s cornerstones. People spend hours going through emails daily, and it is not so easy to make your message special, the one they will definitely open. A lot depends on your strategy since there are no applications that will tell you what to do. However, using these tools, you’ll send targeted and personalized content to gain brand awareness and build credibility with your customers.


It is one of the most famous tools available for digital marketers. You can try a free version or buy a package according to the needs and budgets of your business.

This software automates sending messages to your audience at the best time and also provides you with a useful analytic. It is a perfect opportunity to develop new, better initiatives, craft creative emails, try A\B testing, and other ways to reach your customers.


I think that GetResponse is a really unique email marketing platform that helps you to automatize all processes. It will analyze specific trends and behaviors of your customers to come up with personalized messages and instant autoresponders. Make your campaigns smarter, and get a more engaged list of subscribers.


Emma that stands for EMail MArketing is a software you can use to reach your audience, but it is not the only advantage. What about taking your customer service to the next level?

Emma features a collection of tools you need to create email marketing campaigns, test them, understand the behavior of your audience better. Of course, it provides you with various A\B testing, but you’ll definitely appreciate some dynamic content blocks that will help you to segment the audience and deliver different emails to each of the groups. It also makes it easier to experiment with design.

Moreover, you can install the Metric app by Emma on your smartphone to track your campaigns’ performance.


This advice may look unobvious, but it is definitely worth your attention. Why do you need a VPN?

Actually, it is the core of your database marketing. Whether you need to build a list of contacts, understand their needs and habits, reach their social networks regardless of your current location, VPN will come in handy. This abbreviation stands for Virtual Private Networks, and if you still don’t know what’s a VPN do: it makes your online presence secure. You shouldn’t be afraid that your message will go directly to spam because your ISP decides so. Or you can use Facebook freely even when you’re traveling abroad, e.g. in China. No worries.

Tools for Social Media Marketing

Social media is a new word in modern marketing and many old school people have to start from the basics to master its opportunities.

Fortunately, there are many useful tools you can use to interact with Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and other social media. You’ll be able to create campaigns without hurdles and even synchronize your business activities across all networks. Sounds like a marketer’s dream, right?

However, don’t forget about a VPN if you want to reach a broader audience or install some tools that are working under some geo-restrictions.


If your primary goal is to make your Facebook marketing work right, try the Nanigans. It is a platform and multichannel advertising tool that uses the Facebook Exchange to offer you some retargeting opportunities to reach more people and sell more.

You’ll definitely appreciate this tool if you’re building your digital marketing campaign on Facebook, but it might also come in handy when you need to gather data about customer behavior on Instagram and Twitter.


I hope that you’re not one of those marketers who just post content, and that’s it. If you need the best performance you can reach, it is essential to rely on internet marketing software like Buffer.

It is a tool that helps you publish posts with fewer hurdles and craft social media campaigns from scratch. Buffer has its own image editor, so you can experiment with catchy design. So, if you’re looking for a tool to plan and develop content for Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social media networks, it can become the perfect solution.


Developing your social marketing strategy, you need to create different content according to modern trends. For example, modern people prefer video content that is short, high-quality, and catchy. However, creating and managing it can be really challenging.

But there is nothing impossible when you have good software. Biteable helps me to craft short videos, and it is really easy. I can use their templates, music, footage that are very popular online.

One of this platform’s advantages is that it is pretty intuitive. So, if you’ve never worked with video, you’ll quickly understand how Biteable works.

Tools for website analytics

Honestly, all digital marketing tools from this list are useless until you don’t know why exactly you use them. How can you reach your goals if you don’t know what they are, and what is your current progress?

This is where you need website analytics tools. I’m ready to share my favorites.

Google Analytics

It is impossible to imagine an efficient digital marketing campaign without Google Analytics. Oh, man, it is the gold standard for all online businesses these days. This software provides you with various advanced tools to gain more information about your visitors, their current behavior, their tools, and needs. Use these insights to make their way through your sales funnel seamless.


If you want to increase conversions across your entire landing, rely on Kissmetrics. You’ll know for sure who visits your website and what parts of the funnel do they go through. This helps you boost sales and revenue with fewer hurdles.


If you’re running an e-commerce company, you can find a solution that is specifically tailored for your needs. Woopra is the best one. For example, if you don’t know how to overcome the challenge of cart abandonment, this tool is able to analyze each step of the entire checkout process and decide where exactly your customers change their minds. You’ll also find out the most valuable traffic source to invest more.

Tools for SEO purposes

You should never underestimate SEO since it still brings a lot of users who become the most loyal customers. People are tired of the rude advertisements these days, and sometimes they just need to google something and find out the business that can exceed their expectations. Be this kind of business.


Ahrefs provides me with various opportunities, such as:

  • competitors’ top-performing content;
  • keywords explorer;
  • ranking system;
  • exportable report of broken backlinks.

I like that the Ahrefs team is really customer-oriented, and they constantly improve their product to satisfy our needs.


This tool is paid, but I find it definitely worth its money. Using SEMRush, you can audit your website to define strengths and weaknesses, analyze the traffic channels, competitors working in your industry, and their ads. This tool provides digital marketers with valuable insights.

And it is also able to help you with your content marketing since it generates catchy topics for keywords you need. You’ll get a template with recommended keywords and reference sources to pay attention to.

Tools to increase your productivity

I’m a creative person, and I know your pain. Most likely, your head is full of various thoughts and ideas. Now you’re thinking about the reasons why do you need a VPN, and in a couple of seconds, your brain will be focused on the video content for your Instagram account. Such a mindset is pretty useful sometimes, but it also creates a lot of additional problems you should deal with. For example, you can easily forget the necessary information or just to skip the task with an urgent deadline. Keep calm, it is easy to overcome. Take a look at my list of tools that increase my productivity and help me run efficient digital marketing campaigns.


Whether you’re a solo-player or have a marketing team of several people, if you run projects, you definitely need to keep track of each of them. Trello is what will help you to save all tasks, to define who is responsible for them, to set deadlines, and take control over the working processes.

This application lets me get a visual representation of each of my campaigns. I don’t need to have them in my head, so I can focus on one task at a time.


I have to communicate with a lot of people during my working week, so Slack is something I really can’t live without. It is a social platform that makes communications within different departments. For example, I can discuss some business issues in one channel, and I have another one to plan content for our social media. Once I have installed Slack, I never lose important messages related to work.

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