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Seven unusual school subjects that exist in different countries

Every country in the world has its own education system, and the list of school subjects sometimes includes the most unusual lessons. However, many of them may be the envy of students in other countries. One can argue endlessly about the advisability of introducing a particular subject into the school curriculum. In addition, classical subjects remain in the school curriculum. Thesis proofreading comes to the rescue. We will talk about the reasons for the appearance of unusual lessons later in the article.

Cyber War Theory and Practice, Israel

Not all Israeli schools teach this subject, though where they do, they are very happy to have it. Teachers, parents, and doctors have long been concerned about the problem of cyber addiction of the younger generation. In this case, at the lessons on the theory and practice of cyber warfare children are taught the basics of communication on the Internet, how to protect their own data, how to behave in social networks. Additionally, students are taught the skills that prevent the development of game addiction.

Emotional Education Lessons, Spain

Spanish educators believe that children should be taught the art of relationships. In aesthetic education lessons, students are shown how to manage their emotions and empathize with the feelings of others. This subject is not taught in all schools, but parents whose children attend classes of emotional education noted that the overall atmosphere in such schools was much warmer and more humane than in other educational institutions. Teachers are very sensitive to the feelings of their students and do not allow themselves to raise their voices. These types of lessons teach students to respect each other’s opinions and make their own opinions about things.

Nature Lovers, Japan

In the Land of the Rising Sun, where technology is rapidly evolving, appreciation of nature is a required part of the school curriculum. These lessons try to show the superiority of the beauty and harmony of all living things over soulless machines. Japanese students really look closely at plants, animals, and birds, learn to notice the smallest details, and enjoy the sounds of nature. At the same time, teachers accompany the excursions with detailed comments, draw students’ attention to the need for careful attitude toward nature. At the end of the year, the students even take an exam on this subject.

The Art of Debate, Holland and Israel

In some schools in Israel and the Netherlands, students are taught since childhood to correctly and competently defend their own point of view without offending or insulting their opponents. It is not only the analysis and methods of dispute, but also the ability to “read” gestures and facial expressions of interlocutors, take into account the opinions of others and not be afraid of criticism and negative evaluations in their address.

Surfing Lessons, Australia

Coastal students in Australia enjoy learning how to conquer the waves. Because Australia is the undisputed leader in the sport, the government is committed to making sure Australia doesn’t lose the palm. Education starts on shore with theory. Children are taught the rules of the water, how to handle the board, and how to keep their balance. Of course, schoolchildren like practical exercises most of all. According to teachers and athletes, surfing – it’s a unique sport that not only trains the body, but also allows people to be in harmony with nature.

Lessons of happiness, Germany

Several schools in Germany have launched a pilot project to teach children about happiness. One school in Heidelberg, for example, has a principal teaching lessons that teach children the art of being happy and being in perfect harmony with themselves, the world around them, and people. The children do not take exams, but at the end of the school year they can take part in charity work or make an emotionally positive video. This is a wonderful experience that will surely come in handy later in life. You don’t need to use paper editing services to study this subject. However, it comes in handy in other disciplines.

Science Discovery Lessons, USA

In some American schools, children are taught the art of inventing new things. The curriculum includes a theory course where students are first introduced to some scientific discoveries and then taught about how to invent. By the end of the school year, each student must present his or her own discovery or invention to the audience. For all their naivete, the presentations of discoveries often have surprises in store for the teachers. At the same time, quite workable ideas are sure to be encountered. Another benefit of this course is that during the lessons the children develop their creativity and learn to go beyond stereotypes.

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