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Reasons to Start Using a VPN for Better Digital Privacy and Streaming

What Is a VPN?

VPNs boost your online privacy and help you enjoy better streaming, by providing you with a private virtual network (hence the name).

Every time you connect to your VPN, your internet traffic is rerouted through an encrypted tunnel and via secured VPN servers. This procedure protects your digital identity, data, and IP address. And at the same time, gives you access to high-quality streaming-optimized servers from around the world.

Our Favorite VPN – PIA

When you pick a VPN, we suggest that you’ll consider two things – boosting your online privacy, and boosting your streaming experience. That’s what we look for, and why we picked PIA VPN.

When it comes to privacy – we think that PIA is the best VPN. It is open-source and has a 100% No Logs policy that was recently reviewed by Deloitte as part of an independent audit. So we can easily confirm it’s safe and private.

As for streaming – PIA uses the fastest VPN protocols. Their NextGen servers are optimized for fast connection speeds, and they have no bandwidth restrictions. They also have a wide selection of VPN locations with servers in 84 countries.

Protect Your Digital Identity from Any Device

When you think about your digital identity you probably think about your social media profiles. But from advertisers’ and data brokers’ points of view – your digital identity has a lot to do with your search history and past online purchases. Your browsing history easily translates to your likes, dislikes, interests, and more.

Setting up PIA VPN apps on all your devices ensures that your internet traffic will reroute through a private network. Your online actions wouldn’t be monitored by third parties, and your digital identity will no longer be traceable.

Secure Your Personal Data on Any Network

How often do you use public networks? We guess all the time – at work, at school, at the mall, when you’re traveling… But did you ever stop and think that anytime you connect to these

public networks your data becomes available to network admins and snoops? For example, when you type your credit card number while using public Wi-Fi, that information becomes accessible to whoever’s monitoring that network.

Using PIA VPN ensures that your data remains secure on any network. It sends your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel and lets you choose between military-grade encryption protocols 128-bit AES or 256-bit AES.

Mask Your IP Address

Did you know that your IP address can reveal your physical location? Your IP address gives away your country, city, and sometimes even street or building. Combined with your Digital Identity information and your Personal Data, you can understand how this may lead to the loss of privacy.

That’s why masking your IP address with PIA VPN is key to achieving true online anonymity. By connecting to VPN servers you can conceal your IP address and even use servers in other countries. These VPN servers also allow you to access more content and bypass bandwidth caps – but more on that in the next section.

Explore Content Form Anywhere

It is no secret that content is often limited to certain geographical areas. There is a difference in the variety of streaming services, and the content they offer in each territory. For example, Netflix US has the biggest content library but Netflix Canada has the largest film collection. Websites like Flixwatch can even show you in which country each movie or show is available.

You can use PIA VPN to explore content libraries in other locations. Connect to their global server network in 84 countries, and choose the server that works for you. You can also use it to explore websites and online shopping.

Take Your Content with You Everywhere

When it comes to traveling – visiting new places is usually fun, but seeing foreign TV usually isn’t. Whether you’re traveling for a holiday or work, it’s comforting to watch your favorite shows at the end of the day. To know that you don’t have to miss your team’s next big game, the last episode of a series you love, or even local news.

That’s a major perk of using PIA VPN. You can be in a hotel room in Paris but still, watch American television. All you have to do is connect to an American VPN server. You can even watch your local state’s news because PIA has 50 servers in 50 US states!

Ultra-Fast Speeds and Zero Buffering

There is nothing more annoying than trying to watch a film or the Sunday game and getting freezes or black screens every few seconds. ISPs (internet service provisors) and public networks often monitor online traffic and place bandwidth caps at rush hours or for bandwidth-heavy actions like streaming.

However, when you use PIA VPN your internet traffic is encrypted and third parties can’t see what you do online. So, they don’t have a reason to throttle your connection. That means you can enjoy PIA’s lightning-fast 10 Gbps connection speeds and stream anytime and place – at rush hour, from work, from school, or on public Wi-Fi.

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