Multifunctional Smartphone Holsters

Multifunctional Smartphone Holsters That Will Save You Big Time

Nowadays, most people have at least one or two smartphones. They also invested in phone cases or phone pouch to protect their smartphones from scratches, cracks, and dust. But sometimes, these phone cases and phone holders are not very convenient especially if you are a busy man that needs his phone always but don’t want to hold it in your hand all the time. This is the reason why a multifunctional smartphone holster is very useful and that you should own one.

A phone holster does not only keep your smartphone safe and protected but you can also put other valuable small items that you can bring with you daily, hands-free! There are many different phone holsters that you can choose that perfectly suit your needs. You can choose any image, color, or writing to have on your holster. Let’s look at some of these phone holsters and how it can save you big time!

Hengwin Genuine Leather Pouch Case Belt Clip

This phone holster is made from thick and authentic leather and smooth inner polyester. It has a high-quality self-closing magnetic flap that latches securely after you slip your smartphone back into the case.

The classic, glossy feel and cool details of this holster boost a bolder look, which is perfect for men to wear daily. This has a spacious compartment with smooth polyester fiber inside to protect your phone from scratches, dust, or cracks if ever you drop your phone holster accidentally.

You can wear it in two easy ways: attach it on your belt and clip it in your jean’s waistband loop. The holster’s belt loop is premium leather that won’t break easily and it is wide enough to fit most belts. All the materials used are extremely breathable and water-resistant.

This is compatible with iPhone 11 Pro/Max/XS Max/8, 7, 6 Plus; Samsung Galaxy Note 8/9/10; Samsung Galaxy S10, S9, S8 Plus, and more.

Hengwin Genuine Leather Carrying Cellphone Holder

If you want something that is not bulky to look at and has the right space to safely put your smartphone and other valuable small items, then this leather phone holster fits perfectly for this type.

The vintage design gives a manlier look. The lightweight and water-resistant materials are what makes it suitable for any outdoor activities. It is made from premium leather and is nicely stitched for long-lasting use. The inner leather is very soft, which is good to protect your phone from being scratched.

You can wear it as a belt clip or belt loop. Plus, the sturdy brassy quick snap buckle helps secure the flap making it very easy to open and stayed shut when closed. There’s also a small cut out at the center top to easily get your phone. You can put your credit cards and driver’s license as well in this phone holster.

This is compatible with iPhone 11 Pro/Max/XS Max/8, 7, 6 Plus; Samsung Galaxy Note 8/9/10; Samsung Galaxy S10, S9, S8 Plus and more.

Hengwin Genuine Leather Magnetic Phone Case

This one is lightweight and has the perfect size to put your large smartphone which is great for daily use. It is made from genuine leather that gives a bold look and soft inner lining to protect your phone from scratches or dust.

The magnetic closure flap ensures that your smartphone will not fall out especially if you are doing an outdoor activity. It holds your phone firmly in place.

It comes with a removable clip and a belt loop on the back to easily clip it on and off your belt or on your backpack. This phone holster also comes with a free metallic chroma finish keychain to organize your keys and separate them properly.

The outer dimensions measure 6.69”(L) x 3.75”(W) x 0.8”(H). It can safely hold iPhone XS Max/XR/8/7/6 Plus, Galaxy Note 5/4/3/S6 Edge Plus/S7 Edge Plus/S8 Plus, and other large smartphones.

Hengwin Leather Belt Clip Pouch Vertical iPhone Holster

A great quality and well-crafted phone holster that is very functional as both phone and mini purse. It is made from top of the line leather and smooth polyester fabric inner materials. Firmed build with premium quality zippers and carabiner. It is lightweight and waterproof. The stitching is done perfectly to withstand wear and tear from daily use.

It also features two ways to carry it: as a belt pouch holster and as a belt clip pouch holster. You can easily wear and remove it at any time. The magnetic button flap helps secure all your belongings inside.

It has a zipper pocket on the flap and a zipper pocket on the back. This phone holster has 5 pockets inside to put your valuables like your phone, credit cards, cash, IDs, driver’s license, receipts in place.

The outer dimensions measure 6.7”(L) x 3.8”(W) x 0.5”(H). It can safely hold iPhone XS Max/XR/8/7/6 Plus, Galaxy Note 10/9/8/S20/S10+/S9 Plus/S8 Plus, and more with a thin case on.

Final Words

These leather phone cases are very functional and are worth every penny as it can hold your smartphone securely and other valuable small items you have such as your credit card, money, or driver’s license. You can wear it anywhere in your work or travel without worries because you can always have your phone with you whenever you need it.

If you are always on the go, choose a more convenient way to keep your phone and other valuable items secure. These are some of the perfect leather holsters that you can use for your smartphones that you can bring daily, hands-free!

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