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How to Write Your Personal Statement Really Impressively

A personal statement is one of the most important components of any application. Whether it is for your CV or university application, its sole purpose revolves around selling yourself to a person who wants to understand who you are.

You aim to prove to that person why you should are the best candidate or the most deserving amid competition in a position you are interested in. Therefore, you should focus on impressing your readers as much as possible. Here are tips for writing your personal statement really impressively.

Don’t be in a rush

An impressive personal statement may not be completed within a few hours or days. You need to take short breaks when drafting the document so that every time you resume, you can refresh your mind as you aspire to create something impressive.

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Careful selection of words and expressions 

You need to sound more elegant and professional by using the right words or expressions. Using words like “achieve” or “accomplish. “

may sound more professional than “think” because they show that you are confident of what you are talking about.

Remember that the purpose of your document is to communicate to your reader about who you are. Avoid the use of vocabulary, jargon, or ambiguous statements; keep it simple and correct. You can find great inspiration by watching movies or a series on Netflix, which has some really good content around this. This may help to build the credibility of the content such that a person reading your document can easily believe the components.

If you are dealing with international applications and are not sure of the word choice, make use of synonym programs or useful translations from the internet. Google translate, for example, has a wide range of synonyms that can guide you if you want to translate English words into another language.

Focus on your strengths

The reader of a personal statement is only interested in knowing about who you are and not your weaknesses. Concentrate on what you are best at in terms of knowledge, skills, interests, achievements, experiences, and plans. Mention specific achievements with relevant examples without making it sound like you are bragging.

Even if you are a student, write about what you have achieved so far without exaggerating anything. Dedicate a paragraph for every achievement, interest, or experience using, natural and enthusiastic style and focusing on the message you want to relay. Writing something like “I am poor in management” or “I hate history” is not good because such statements can easily put off a reader.

Be honest

Honesty is not only concerned with telling the truth but is also being real about who you are and what you want to achieve. An honest personal statement may sharpen the readers’ perception, thus allowing them to observe everything about you with clarity.

Honesty is the starting point to confirm the moral integrity, kindness, discipline, and truthfulness of a candidate.

Having an idea about a language or area of study does not mean that you are an expert in that area. Always avoid including information that is not true about you. This may break relationships in college or at the workplace and even bring about stress and tension, especially when the truth is revealed at a later stage.

Proofread your personal statement

Proofreading a document is one of the simple and most important ways of ensuring that your document is professional and can be understood. It can allow you to review your work and ensure that the message flows well.

You can present the personal statement to different people, such as family members and friends, to receive as much feedback as possible and perfect the document.

Proofreading enables you to correct any errors and spelling mistakes and confirm that you have included everything you wanted to say about yourself. Proofreading provides a significant guide to modifying and revising the document. If you want the readers to focus on the statement’s content, just ensure that the document is grammatically correct, consistent and the sentence structure is okay.


Writing a personal statement should not be complex because you are simply talking about yourself. Personal statements are unique as they present the capabilities of different individuals on a personal level. To impress your readers, take your time to draft several statements as you play around with different formats and, if possible, get third-party inspirations to save time and effort. Use the correct wordings, talk about your strengths, be honest, and ensure that you proofread it before submission.

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