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How to Write a Gift Coupon in an Original Way

Preparing and presenting a gift for your loved ones is an entire ritual. But it is worth it! After all, you have different occasions in a year to make your friend, spouse, or colleague feel buzzing. You ought to be more and more creative with gifts.

Before you set your mind up with a kind of present, let’s just not forget that choosing the wrong gift can be kind of risky for relationships and friendships, says Elizabeth Dunn. It is a real brainer how to surprise others in this case. However, we have got a solution for you.

Whether you want to create a special celebrating atmosphere on a birthday, anniversary, holiday, and any other occasion, a gift coupon can fit everywhere. This guide will share a bundle of ideas and tricks to grant the best present ever. So, gift-givers stay tuned!

Why is a Coupon gift important?


The science behind giving a good present is simple. If you buy something a person would like, amazing. If you fail in this, you will make a terrible impression and appear as inattentive and indifferent. Presenting a particular gift means to stick your neck out and only doubt if you picked a good one or not. On the other hand, owning a coupon gift means more than just a thing, but an actual experience. Obviously, any guest of honor would love it.


When we think of a present we don’t often consider packaging, delivery and other costly stuff. Sometimes, we can feel like our gift is really small and noticeable, so we need to add one more to it. With a coupon gift you can just present someone a valuable offer without worrying much about anything else missing. Thus, you save your money and put uncertainty away.

How to write a Coupon gift?

Indeed, there are dozens of personalized templates and styles. But no one else can make a present better than you. We all love decorating rooms, baking birthday cakes, wrapping presents and hiding them. These magnificent processes boost our mood and holiday spirit. On the contrary, a coupon gift makes us even more innovative and imaginative.

Agreed, it all depends on the content of your letter, style of writing and visual elements:

Write thematic surprises down

Coupons vary from romantic to adventure ones. For example, once you can suggest spending an evening stargazing, whereas then partying in the town. So, first things first, pick a theme.

Internet and gift stores are the best sources to get inspired. But you know it might be difficult to conjure all the dates/ offers on the coupons. If you make more than 10, you might easily run out of ideas. Luckily, there are top custom writing services that will assist you in content for coupons.

Additionally, you can partner with an artist or illustrator to give your gift an artistic touch.

Get a little bit crafty

To give your coupon a better look you might want to decorate it with some shapes of stars, hearts, rainbows, bunnies or polka dots. There are all kinds of stickers and tapes that you can do it with. However, you can always depict it with colored pencils or markers, and still will be very pleased with the result.

Some make coupon gifts in the form of boxes, cards, books. It is all down to your ideas and creativity. If you just check the crafts drawers of your house or an attic with tools, you will be surprised how many things you can find to craft the best DIY coupon gift in the world.

Explain the rules

It might seem quite obvious for you, because you are a creator. But let’s not forget a gift recipient receives it for the first time. If you have a lot of awesome surprises in there, they won’t be able to resist choosing everything at once.

Map out the rules of how your individual coupon gift works. How many cards can a person get in one day? What do all offers mean exactly? Answering all of this will release a burden of questioning from your kid, parter or whoever it is.

Let your imagination run riot

So far, we have just talked basics about how to design coupon gifts. But when it comes to improving it, you will need to think outside of the box. Some creatives ways to create an original gift include:

  • Recording yourself instead of writing everything on a coupon gift
  • Making a puzzle of little coupons
  • Placing it in a small photo album or stapling it as a book
  • Making a video and exclusively share it with the gift recipients

It should be something that would always remind people of you. Personalize the in and out of your coupon, so that every side of it lets them associate it with you.

Express gratitude

It does not matter how well a coupon gift conveys the message of love, respect and care. Surely, your actions will speak more than words. But to have that finish line in your coupons, write concisely about a person and mention several statements of gratitude towards them.

We recommend dedicating the last coupon card to them and their festive day. Say some heart-warming wishes and let them accept the present with a little token of love.


Come what may, presents should have their soul in them. And coupon gifts are probably the most ideal gifts of its kind. If you want to impress your close person with something extraordinary and new, coupons will save you!

It is unbelievably easy and cheap to make, however, the excitement it can bring is indescribable. Having a gift coupon is a dream of each one on the planet. At least once. So, why don’t you make someone’s day or holiday happier with it? Especially when you know how to write and design in a good presentable way.

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