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How to Train the Facial Muscles


Exercising regularly is great for toning your muscles, helping you lose weight and reducing sagging skin. Facial exercise (also called face yoga) is a natural way to make your face appear younger by toning muscles and reducing wrinkles. It’s also good if you have muscular problems in your face, as it will make your muscles stronger, making you look tighter and more confident. There are about 50 muscles in the face that also benefit from training. The exercises help against strained eyes and tension in the neck and face. If you put some work into training your facial muscles, you can have a more attractive face to show the world.

Train your forehead and eyes

Pull your forehead with your index finger.

Using only your fingers, apply gentle pressure to your forehead so the eyebrows move. Here’s how to strengthen that part of your face. This can also smooth out fine lines on the forehead. Place your index fingers over each eye. Drag your fingers down while raising your eyebrows. Repeat 10 times to tighten your forehead.

Press the forehead with your hands.

This simple exercise uses your palms to create resistance while raising your eyebrows. This workout smoothes fine lines on the forehead. Place one palm on each side of the forehead so that they are just above the eyebrows. Your palms should hold the skin firmly in place. Pull your eyebrow muscles up like you’re amazed. Then lower them like you’re angry. Raise and lower the eyebrows ten times. Then lift and hold for 30 seconds. Lower them and hold for 30 seconds. Then repeat the rise and fall 10 more times.

Eyebrow raising.

With the help of your fingers and eyebrows you can train the forehead muscles. Just a little pressure can create enough resistance for this good exercise. Make the peace sign with your fingers and place your fingernails just above your eyebrows. Apply gentle pressure with your fingers. Then move your eyebrows up and down. Repeat the up and down movement with the eyebrows 10 times. Do three sets of ten reps. Then take a short break and then do three sets of ten reps again.

Stretch your eyelids.

Training the eyelids is easy because the muscles don’t need much resistance. You can stretch them with your fingers to eliminate wrinkles and strengthen eyelids. Sit down and close your eyes. Relax your eyelids and use your index fingers to draw your eyebrows up. While doing this, keep your eyes closed to stretch the eyelids as much as possible. Hold this position for ten seconds. Then relax and repeat the exercise ten times.

Close your eyes

Continue training the eyelids by squeezing your eyes shut and creating resistance with your mouth. Because it involves so many different muscles, you not only stretch your eyes, but your entire face as well. Pull your lips down so your facial muscles tighten. Then pull the lips to one side. Close one eye tightly for ten seconds. Repeat 10 times with lips facing to the side. Then do the exercise with the other eye. Do three sets of ten reps. Then take a short break and do three more sets of ten reps.

Stretch your face while holding your eyes.

This works the muscles around the eyelid, making your eyes look more awake. Use your fingers to create some resistance as you open and close your eyes. Form a C with your index finger and thumb and place it around your eyes. The index finger should be above the eyebrows and the thumb on the cheek. Close your eyes and slowly squeeze your eyelids shut. Release again without opening your eyes. Repeat squeezing and releasing 25 times.

Train your mouth

Train by smiling.

One of the easiest ways to improve your smile is to do it regularly. In this exercise, you slowly move your mouth towards a full smile while holding specific positions. This will give you more control over your face and smile. Start smiling slowly by turning the corners of your mouth outward with your lips closed. Then pull your mouth up to show your top teeth. Smile as wide as you can and show your teeth. Once you reach this point, slowly relax your mouth and bring your smile back to where you started. Pause at different points of the smile extension and hold the position for ten seconds.

Put pressure on your smile.

Similar to the previous exercise, different stages of the smile are used to train the facial muscles. Here your fingers provide extra resistance to further train the muscles around the mouth. Perform a full smile, holding it in place with your fingers by applying pressure to the corners of your mouth. Close your lips halfway, then fully, using your fingers to create resistance to this movement. Hold each position for ten seconds.

Do a face lift exercise.

This exercise works the muscles around the upper lip to keep the lips tight and contoured. If you do them correctly, your smile will grow stronger and more upper teeth will show. Open your mouth slightly and flare out your nostrils. Wrinkle your nose as much as you can, then pull your upper lip up as high as it will go. Hold ten seconds. Keeping your mouth slightly parted, place a finger on the cheekbone under the eye. Slowly curl your upper lip up while continuing to apply pressure with your finger. Hold for ten seconds, then return to the starting position.

lip exercises.

This simple exercise will improve blood flow to your lips. This way they look healthier and livelier and get a more natural color. Open your mouth slightly with your upper and lower lips relaxed. Bring your lower lip forward until it touches the upper lip. Draw the upper and lower lip in towards the mouth. Apply pressure and then relax.

Strengthening of the lower jaw.

This exercise trains the lower jaw, which is important in smiling, speaking, chewing, and everything your mouth does. This exercise helps against a double chin and prevents age lines on the lower part of the face. Keep your mouth, especially your teeth and lips, slightly closed. Open your teeth as wide as you can without opening your lips. Slowly pull your lower jaw forward. Go as far as you can while pulling your lower lip up and holding for five seconds. Slowly bring the lower jaw, lips and teeth back to the starting position.

OO-EE with your mouth.

When you move your mouth to make some basic sounds, you’re working your lips and the muscles between your upper lip and your nose. In this simple exercise, all you have to do is make a few exaggerated facial movements while making a sound. Open your mouth, then purse your lips so your teeth open but aren’t showing. Say, “OO,” pursing your lips exaggeratedly. Switch to: “EE,” again using an exaggerated motion to shape your lips. You can also say “AH” instead of “EE” to slightly modify the exercise. Do ten reps between “OO” and “EE,” doing three sets of each.

suck your finger

Use the natural pressure of sucking to plump up your lips. By removing your finger at the same time, you add more resistance to work against. Put a finger in your mouth and suck on it as hard as you can. Meanwhile, slowly pull your finger out of your mouth. Repeat this ten times.

Apply pressure to your cheeks as you smile.

This strengthens the cheek muscles. Make sure to hold your head back as you do this. Use your three middle fingers to apply pressure to your cheeks. While applying pressure, smile as hard as you can to push your fingers back.

Pull your cheeks up.

This exercise can smooth laugh lines and fine lines under the eyes. Here your hands do the work by stretching the facial muscles and skin. Place your palms firmly on your cheeks. Pull the corners of your mouth toward your temples until your top teeth and gums show. Hold this position for 30 seconds, release, and then repeat three times.

Press your lips together.

This exercise will condition your lip muscles. Again, your hands do the work by squeezing your face around your mouth and nose. Place your palms on your face so that the outside edges are at the laugh line and the inside edges are above the jawline. Use your entire palms to apply pressure to your face. Use your lip muscles (not your hands) to press your lips together. Hold 20 seconds. Then press your palms up towards your nose and hold for ten seconds. Repeat the exercise three times.

Take care of your face

as often as you can.

Combined with the specific exercises, smiling helps strengthen your muscles. You don’t have to look as weird as you do during the exercises. Plus, when you smile, you appear more relaxed and confident. In this way you also reduce everyday stress.

keep your face clean

Wash your face regularly to remove impurities and keep your skin clean. You should use skin care products, such as a simple cleanser, moisturizer, and retinoids. The maintenance regimen should be simple, as too many ingredients can cause their effects to cancel out.

Eat well to get strong skin.

Part of facial exercises is to tighten the skin to make you look stronger and younger. To get better skin on your face, you also need to eat well. Eat plenty of foods that contain vitamins A and C and omega-3 fatty acids. This diet ensures clear skin and well-developed facial muscles. Good foods for the face include dark or green fruits and vegetables like carrots, apricots, spinach, tomatoes, blueberries, beans, peas and lentils, oily fish like salmon and mackerel, nuts, garlic and dark chocolate. Foods that are generally considered healthy are also good for your face and skin. Foods high in processed or refined carbohydrates or unhealthy fats age skin. Therefore, you should consume them judiciously.

Protect your face from the sun.

Sunlight damages the skin if you’re not careful and it ages your skin. Avoid being outdoors when the sun is at its highest (between 10am and 2pm). Cover your body and always wear sunscreen.


Wash your hands before training. Touching your face can transfer oil and dirt, which can lead to breakouts. You can do these exercises sitting or standing – whichever is more comfortable for you. In the beginning, you should do them in front of a mirror so you can see what you’re doing.


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