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How to Take Beautiful Photos of Yourself

Taking sexy photos of you can be a lot of fun. You feel more beautiful and confident. Do your hair and make-up, dress up in something erotic and create the backdrop for the photo session before you start. Relax and have fun while snapping some new photos of yourself.


Take a picture of you

You don’t have to be naked in an erotic photo, but you can if you want to. If you want to take a nude photo but are nervous, start with a few clothes and gradually remove them as you take photos to work your way up. You can pose as much as you want or just take a selfie when you get out of the shower. You can take a nude photo regardless of your (clothing) size. Be confident and appreciate the beauty of your body. You can see that in the photo.

to make you look more dramatic.

Make-up, Make-up a little more conspicuous than usual so that your assets stand out in a two-dimensional image. You create the classic, sexy pinup style with false eyelashes, black eyeliner and red lipstick. Use foundation to even out your skin tone and cover up imperfections. If you prefer natural make-up, then that can also be very sexy. Use light eyeliner and mascara to accentuate your eyes. Apply lip gloss to make your lips look a little plumper.

Tip: If you don’t want your face in the photo, you don’t have to wear makeup.

Style your hair voluminous and sexy.

Tousle your hair for the bedhead look that looks wicked. Comb back dry hair and mist with hairspray. You can also wash your hair, blow dry it, and then apply root lifter or mousse to your scalp. The tousled look is great for both women and men. If you want to take a sexy picture of yourself in the bathroom, make a messy bun to keep your hair out of the water. If you just want to take a quick selfie and send it to someone, you don’t have to spend hours preparing. Just tame flyaways, ensure you don’t have anything caught between your teeth and get started!

Pluck, trim and shave unsightly hairs you don’t want in the photo.

It all depends on what photo you want to take. If you only focus on your face, you don’t have to shave your legs or trim your bikini line. How smooth you want to be is up to you! Choose what makes you feel best. You don’t have to if you love the natural look and don’t want to shave your body hair. On men, a beard or stubble can look sexy. Groom yourself before you take a picture.

Choose sexy clothes.

A photo can also be erotic when clothed (sexy clothing is sometimes more enticing than nudity). If you’re going to wear sexy clothes, remember that you want to tease, intrigue, and accentuate your best assets. Your clothes should fit you well. Men can wear a shirt and unbutton a few buttons at the top to show their chest. You can also wear a tank top accentuating your arm and shoulder muscles. Lingerie, such as bustiers, negligees, panties, stockings, and suspenders, are good options. Lace bras, push-up bras and the like can attractively emphasize your cleavage. Don’t wear loose or worn-out underwear. Wear thongs, boy shorts, or a bikini cut. Wear some accessories, like heels, oversized shirts, ties, long necklaces, scarves, glasses, or whatever you like.

The scenery

Get creative with the location.

You don’t have to take photos in the bathroom or bedroom (although you can take great photos lying on the bed or getting out of the shower). Use the couch or an armchair. Pose in front of a plain wall. This can create great images, especially with red light. You can also take sexy photos in public. Find a nice background and pose for a selfie.

Remove distractions and clutter from the photo background.

You should be the star of the photo. Therefore, remove sources of distraction from the places where you want to take the photo. Clear out clutter, get rid of flashy wall hangings, and get rid of anything that doesn’t match the look you want. For example, clean your nightstand and close closets and dressers if you’re taking a picture on your bed. Clear the shelf in the bathroom completely and remove damp towels that may be hanging there.

Tip: Take a picture of the planned background, so you can see what it looks like there. Look at the room and adjust it. Move furniture, clean and clear clutter.

If you want him to appear in your photo.

Clean the mirror Many erotic photos work with a mirror so you can shoot from different angles. An otherwise beautiful photo can turn ugly if the mirror is covered in smudges and smudges. Take a few minutes to clean the mirror with glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth, and your photos will be (literally) flawless. Also, clean the camera lens. Whether you’re using an actual camera or the camera function on your phone, a smudged lens can seriously spoil the quality of the photos.

Use natural light when you can to make the photos look their best.

Sunlight works best for photos of you because you appear softer and more natural. While it may seem counterintuitive, you should take your erotic photos at noon if possible. Open the curtains to let in natural light. Be careful when people outside might see you, especially if you are naked. If you can’t work with natural light, use individual lamps instead of overhead lighting to soften your photos. If the light is too bright, throw a light shawl over the lamp to keep it from being as bright.


Familiarize yourself with your camera’s timer and settings.

You probably use your phone camera when you take photos of yourself. Whether you’re working with a phone or a real camera, you should know how to set the self-timer and change the focus to make it easier for you to take photos. Most cell phone cameras have filters that you can overlay the photos with. It’s fun and lets you quickly edit a photo before sending it. If you want to take photos from unusual angles, buy a tripod for your phone. Some social media apps have fun filters that you can use for your sexy selfies. Go to Instagram and Snapchat and try the filters. You might like one.

Make sure you have privacy when taking your erotic photos.

If you don’t live alone, choose a time when you are alone. You don’t have to worry about being interrupted when you’re alone. You can relax and enjoy it more. If you’re never home alone, lock the door before you start taking photos. Don’t take photos of your pets. They’re cute, but nobody wants to be distracted by your pouncing dog in the background.

Get in the mood before you go.

If you are old enough, have a drink beforehand. Put on relaxing, sensual music. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself what you like about yourself. If you’re tense or uncomfortable, it shows in your photos. Don’t drink too much! You want to be relaxed but not glassy-eyed because you’re accidentally too tipsy.

Emphasize your assets to create a photo you’ll love to look at.

Unless you’re a pro photographer, you feel that models have magical powers because they look incredibly proportioned everywhere. Much of it is just clever photography that emphasizes the best features. You don’t have to focus on your chest, legs, curves, six-pack abs or toned arms. Look at yourself in the mirror. What do you love most about yourself? What is unique, and what are you proud of? Take a selfie from above your head to look up at the camera. Your face will appear longer, and you can photograph your body a little. Take a picture of your back in the mirror over your shoulder. Whether you want to show off your back muscles or curves, this is a great way to accentuate your backside.

Try different

You can use the self-timer and a tripod to shoot from cool angles, but you can also just take a quick selfie (don’t forget the selfie stick for a little extra height). It takes a little while to find a pose that you love. Try some of these poses to start: S-curve. Arch your back as much as possible to push your breasts forward and your butt back. This will accentuate your curves and mimic an hourglass figure. Keep your chin up. Raise your chin a little more than you think is necessary. Your neck looks longer and narrower. You don’t have weird shadows on your collarbones. Pull your shoulders back. As with the S-curve, you stretch your breasts forward. Hold your phone sideways instead of directly in front of you when taking a selfie. You look sexy and mysterious. Lie on your stomach on the bed and take a selfie with your chest, curves, legs or whatever part of your body you want to emphasize.

Relax your face and enjoy.

Do not look directly into the camera lens. Instead, look into the distance or close your eyes to look alluring. Turn your face sideways to tweak the shadows to make you look more dramatic.

Tip: You’ll look more seductive if you part your lips a little so you can breathe easily through your mouth. This looks sexier than a closed mouth.

Final Words

Make a mood barometer of the sexy photos you like. You can then mimic the style and learn what poses and facial expressions to use. Be careful when sharing your photos with others, especially if you post them online or send them to someone. It seems like a good idea to send photos like this to your partner, but what if you break up? Can you trust him to keep your intimate photos to himself? If you are minor, it is illegal for you to take and distribute nude or nearly nude photographs of yourself. You could be sued for distributing child pornography. Whoever gets the photos could be sued for their possession.


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