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How To Get A Discount When Shopping Online

Shopping online has provided plenty of great benefits for everyone. All you have to do is hop into your computers or even through your mobile phones, visit the website you wish to purchase from, check out your items, and wait for the products to arrive at your doorsteps! In addition to the convenience that online shopping brings, you can still maximize it by getting online discounts.  

Shopping during sales seasons, whether online or in physical stores, is one way on how you can save money. In addition to buying regular things, you can actually save more by ordering your medication on online pharmacy and get it delivered straight to your door.  But did you know that there are still plenty of ways on how you can get discounts without the presence of sales? There are many reliable information online, such as the ones written by PrizeRebel, on how you can fully utilize your online shopping experience. For instance, there’s an article they wrote that listed five ways to save money at your favorite stores. 

In addition to that, this article will present ways to get a discount whenever you shop online.  

Ask A Customer Service Representative  

When speaking with a customer service representative, explain to them that you’re searching for a product and looking for the best deal. You can freely ask if they offer discounts or whether there are any ongoing promotions that could help you steal a hefty discount. If not, ask if they provide free shipping since shipping fees are usually expensive, which can still help you save money.  

You can connect with customer service through e-mail, live chat, or giving them a call during business hours. 

Visit Coupon Code Websites 

Some websites display available coupon codes or vouchers for the stores that you mean to buy. But before you enter the code, you first need to verify that your purchase is qualified for the discount. Take note that some codes have a minimum purchase required to avail, only applicable to certain regions, or only valid on specific products on your cart.

Use Multiple Coupons Codes Strategically 

As mentioned, coupons can be one of the best ways of enjoying discounts when shopping online. There are even instances where you can apply more than one coupon code to a particular purchase. Hence, if you want to save some money when buying stuff, strategically using multiple coupon codes can be an excellent idea. 

For example, if you have two coupons for 10% and 20% discounts, then it’s a smart move to apply the 20% first before the 10% discount. By doing this, you’ll be able to get maximum savings. 

Sign Up For The Mailing List 

You’re probably annoyed with the pop-up window that keeps showing every time you visit your favorite e-commerce website. While that can be slightly annoying, you can actually benefit a lot from it since it may help you earn exclusive discounts.  

When you decide to sign up for the store’s mailing list, you may the opportunity to avail exclusive promos, discounts, events, product launches, and announcements. In this way, you’ll know in advance the dates when your favorite online store will offer discounts. Also, there’s going to be a chance that the company will give special discounts available only to those who signed up for their mailing list.  

Connect With Social Media 

Before purchasing products, you should check first with the company’s social media accounts so you’re aware if they have any ongoing promos on their website. Most companies post their announcements about incoming discounts on their social media accounts. Thus, ensure that you’ll follow your favorite brand’s social media accounts to be aware of any ongoing promotions.  

It’ll also be helpful if you know the best time to shop as some websites provide crazy sales during the last Saturday of the month or during their anniversary.  

Compare Prices From Different Stores 

Most of the time, the company didn’t produce the product that they’re selling but they act as a reseller. With that, expect that different stores will give various price tags depending on how they want to earn through the product they sell.  

While you’re aware of the reselling environment from business, it’s only smart that you consider browsing through different websites so you’ll have a chance of scoring a lower price tag.  

Along with this, if you’re not looking for a specific brand and model but you’re just looking for a particular feature, comparing products from different stores would allow you to explore products that are cheaper while still providing outstanding results. It’ll be ideal if you don’t lock yourself with a specific product to allow yourself to explore more affordable alternatives.  

Shop On The Right Day

Online shopping is something that requires a shopper to be keen on getting the best deals on offer. There are certain days that most shopping websites offer great deals for their customers. As such, you should go shopping on these days to make the most out of discounts. 

For example, if you’re looking to get bigger savings on discounts, consider shopping on weekdays as most online stores sell items at a discounted price. While Sunday can be a preferred shopping day by most people, it’s actually not a good day to obtain discounts because online stores believe that consumers will still purchase items on this day even without discounts. 

Try To Leave Items In Your Shopping Cart

If you don’t need to purchase certain items right away, you may consider leaving them in your shopping cart for a day or two. This strategy may allow you to get some discounts. Typically, most online store owners or retailers don’t want unsettled deals, which is why they’ll do everything to close the deal. This can include offering great discounts on the items in your shopping cart. 


Online shopping is a fun activity to do since it’s convenient and you can see the entire catalog with just one click. Thus, you don’t have to wait and ask the sales clerk if they have stocks available as you can easily spot them on their website.

With the benefits of online shopping, getting great discounts would help you save money. Always try to look for ways to spend less even without the current sale posted online.

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