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How to Find the Best Online Promotions

Many of us spend so much of our lives online now. It’s become a huge shopping mall, a meeting place, a library and more.

Nearly 60% of the world’s population use the internet now, and they use for:

  • Ordering new clothes and shoes
  • Play games
  • Pay for travel – whether it’s bus, train or rideshare
  • Doing their regular food shopping
  • Checking times of nearby events and buying tickets for them
  • Chatting to friends
  • Researching articles for school and work

Anyone who has used the internet has probably used it to make a purchase at some point.

The wonderful thing is that along with having plenty of choice, you can also access promotions online. Through a variety of methods, people can find coupons online that give you money off or great deals like:

  • Savings on home insurance
  • Special offers on homeware
  • Super bonuses on playing games

How to Find Voucher Codes

So where do people go to find these great money-saving deals? It can take time, and after all who has more of that to spare?

First things first, open Google. Sometimes it’s as easy as opening the search engine and typing in “Walmart vouchers” and you’ll find a working code.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of codes that have been used or have expired so this isn’t always effective. However, it’s certainly worth a try, and often stores have many working codes so you might get lucky.

Word of mouth or local notice boards are other good ways to find out about discounts, especially for local stores. Chat to your friends or people you grab a coffee with and see if they know any.

If you have a local group online, check there. If no one has set up one yet, you could add a spreadsheet where people add coupon codes.

Everyone will be thankful!

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Browser extensions

A much more favourable way for most is to add an extension to your browser. You can find these for:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Vivaldi
  • MS Edge

And more.

These are simply plug-ins for your browser that sit in the background and activate when you’re shopping. Simply put if you’re on a retail site, and the plug-in finds a voucher code it pops up.

This saves time and can be really great if you forget to look for codes as it reminds you. Two of the most popular are:

  • SimplyCodes
  • Honey

Which have money off coupons for everything from pizza to holidays.

Websites Dedicated to Coupons

If you’re keen to get the very best discounts, there are websites that have huge selections of coupon codes. These work best for the big retailers, as they usually release many codes.

Here you’ll find codes for specific items too, such as if you’re trying to buy a new:

  • Hairdryer
  • Car tyres
  • School books

It is likely that you’ll come across some expired codes from time to time, but there are great deals.

The most trusted of these coupon websites are:

  • Slickdeals
  • RetailMeNot

Affiliate sites are also a great way of finding promotions for a variety of industries. Affiliate sites are commonly used for the online casino industry, these sites typically list the licensed and legal casino sites and their top bonuses and promotions on offer, doing all the research for the player.

For example, have listed the popular legal casino sites in the UK with the best promotions. One of those listed are Bet365 who currently have a promotion for new players of staking £10 and receiving a £50 bonus. By using an affiliate site, players can head to one location to search for the best promotions each casino site has to offer.

Check Out the Store’s Main Pages

Did you know that many stores have their own coupons and vouchers right on their page? You might need to do a little bit of searching.

Often these can be on a dropdown menu under “deals” or “promos”. Sometimes it’s a pop-up that you may click close as it looks like an ad – check for the code first!

Retailers often offer discount codes for signing up to their communications. Thus you can get 10% – 20% off simply by adding your details.

You will receive a newsletter every week or month, but these often have their own rewards too. If you’re a regular shopper at a certain store, this is bound to reap the benefits.

Something many people don’t think of is the live chat feature. Simply asking the agent can often mean getting a code that works that day.

Everyone is keen to get customers to spend money once they come to their site, so it’s win-win. If you get a discount code that you know works, you’re likely to use it, right?

Free Sale Sign Beside A Miniature Shopping Cart Stock Photo

Using Social Media

Social media can be used for good! Follow the brands you like on Twitter and they will share codes, especially around holidays like Easter.

Reddit is another place where people post whole threads about coupons. Follow the topics and you could hit on a great offer.

Visit YouTube for referral codes from brand videos. Many brands share content that will include a discount code, and YouTube also posts codes alongside these.

The trick on these sites is to look for the latest codes. There is no point in spending time trawling back through old posts as the codes have likely expired.

A Secret Hint

Knowing the most common words used in coupon codes can save you time. What do you think the most popular phrase is by US retailers?

We know – it’s “WELCOME10”. Over 6,500 US retailers have this code in use, so if you’re new to a site, try it!

A database that has checked over 1 million codes is a great place to find the most commonly used ones.

Be a Savvy Shopper

All of these tips should help you gather extra savings in no time. Then you can use it to go on holiday (discounted) or play games (with bonuses) as much as you please.

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