Princess themes party

How to decorate Princess themes party

Every girl turns into a real little princess on her birthday, and the atmosphere of such a celebration should be bright, festive, and worthy of royalty!

That is why you need to think over the fabulous decor for the party so that this day would be exceptional and will be remembered by your girl and all her guests for a long time! Choose beautiful fabrics, hang bright pom poms and multicolored paper fans everywhere, make shiny tinsel curtains, put photos of the birthday girl in beautiful frames, and don’t forget to order Mylar Disney princess balloons — princess-themed parties just won’t work without them!

Here are some top princess party decor ideas you can try!

Balloon decor

The simplest win-win option for decorating a kid’s room is decorating it with multi-colored balloons. Randomly scatter them around the room or fill them with helium and let them fly up to the ceiling.

Want something special? Then, check out these ideas:

  • Gorgeous wall of inflatables: make a spectacular decoration that will instantly attract the attention of all girls and truly amaze them! Such a giant wall of balloons cannot go unnoticed and will become the centerpiece of your entire party decor. The combination of small and large balls of different sizes, fresh flowers and greenery, as well as bright ribbons will impress even the most sophisticated guests!
  • Gold paint splatter balls: to create these bright and at the same time elegant and spectacular “spots” of decor, you will need some latex balloons, gold paint, and ribbons to tie your balloons into pretty bundles.
  • Jumbo ceiling decor: there’s one important rule in the décor world — go big or go home! Therefore, prepare some giant balloons and cover the entire ceiling of the festive hall with them! Such decor always impresses the guests and makes them take their eyes off their plates.

Paper garlands

Paper garlands with bright flags and congratulations to the birthday girl will definitely create a festive mood.

You can make them yourself using colored cardboard, old comics, scraps of fabric and wallpaper, or you can buy them ready-made from a party supply store.

Paper fans

Another way to create a festive look will be using bright sockets made of corrugated paper.

You can experiment with this type of decor: some decorators hang fans very close to each other, even with an overlay, while others choose 5-10 rosettes of different shapes and colors and place them individually.

Tissue pom-poms

Fluffy pom-pom balls are spectacular and inexpensive, and will successfully fit into any interior. Most often they are glued to the walls or suspended from the ceiling by a thread.

To make such a decor, fold 10+ pieces of paper tissue into a stack, fold them, making a 2 cm distance, tie with a tourniquet in the middle and then open layer by layer.

Honeycomb balls

For such crafts, you need to take thicker paper. Glue at least 10 sheets together or connect them with a stapler every 4 cm.

The next step is to cut out half of the figure that we want to get from the workpiece. Remember how we used to make paper snowflakes when we were kids? The principle remains the same.

Now, you just need to unfold the craft, attach loops and decorate the room with these balls!

Photo collage

The walls will look more elegant if you decorate them with a collage made from the most successful shots of your little princess, or a metric of her achievements. Here are some collage ideas:

  • photographs taken over the years (starting from the moment the child was born) will show how the birthday girl grew and changed;
  • if you add a poster with questions and riddles about the birthday girl to the photos, you’ll get a fun interactive game to play with the guests;
  • add your daughter’s photos to the scenes of her favorite cartoons! You can either use Photoshop, or create a collage by cutting out the necessary elements with scissors.


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