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How to choose the right career path?

The most common answer of a child to the question of who he wants to become in the future is the profession of an astronaut. Naturally, few children will ever realize their dream, because an astronaut is a rather rare profession. Any person in adult life can get employed in something else. Among the many common professions, there are rare and exotic jobs that should be considered. For example, an astronomer.

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With this job, you can get closer to the stars. Of course, not as close as an astronaut does, but still. In the case when the state of the body does not meet the medical requirements for astronauts, but dreams of flying into space are still present, we advise you to choose the profession of an astronomer. The physical and mechanical-mathematical faculties will help you to get the necessary knowledge in this field. In this profession, a lot of things depend on academic degrees. The higher it is, the greater the reward. In addition, astronomers are very well in demand abroad, especially in Europe.

If we take into account other countries, such a profession as an Egyptologist comes to mind. It’s perfect for adventurous people. There are plenty of pleasant bonuses here. This is both a museum and local history practice in Egypt, and the opportunity to study Arabic, again, directly in Egypt. And most importantly, this profession, which is based on the study of one of the most ancient civilizations, is incredibly entertaining.

Although not all countries have volcanoes, they still exist, including the territory of Eastern Europe. According to Wikipedia, there are 119 volcanoes of different sizes in Kamchatka alone. So volcanologists are engaged in them. Everyone who wants to master this profession enters the faculties of petrology, geophysics, or geochemistry, where they study in detail how magma is formed and then erupts, interpret the processes occurring inside the volcano. Among the positive aspects of the profession, it is worth highlighting the possibility of traveling to unique places. Frequent trips to the Caucasus, Japan, the Urals, Kamchatka bring variety to a moderate life. In addition, when applying for this course, there is usually not a very large competition (as for all rare professions). The salary of a volcanologist corresponds to the income of a researcher and very much depends on the academic degree.

In general, it is worth considering the profession of a rocket builder, if you still want to conquer the sky. For this purpose, it is necessary to enroll in the Faculty of Aviation and Rocket Engineering. You can become a bachelor in this specialty after graduating from University. In addition, there are similar departments in almost all specialized universities, where students intensively study the latest computer technologies and the basics of production organization. Such knowledge can be useful in many areas.

Only at first glance, this specialization seems narrow. Rocket scientists are in demand everywhere, and there is always an excellent high-paying job for them, for example, in a car company. After all, if you can build rockets, then there should be no problems with the car.

I would like to encourage everyone to expand their professional horizons, without dwelling on traditional conservative professions. Non-traditional specialties have more originality, romance, and even certain adventurism. However, if you are still in search of different options, I present to you the most common jobs below.

How did your parents choose their job? And friends? Even in primary school, we are advised to listen to our desires and do what our heart tells us.

Dreams and desires are not everything: work must necessarily bring pleasure, but the only pleasure will never be complete without a decent salary. Below we present a rating of the most popular jobs at the moment.

So, which jobs will not be out of demand even during the economic crisis?

Marketing and sales

The sphere of sales and marketing has always been distinguished by an impressive demand and the highest level of supply in the labor market. And you can see this for yourself: paper and electronic publications are full of ads for the recruitment of sales representatives, sales consultants, and sales specialists, while their guaranteed salary is decorated with attractive zeros. But it should be borne in mind that this position has its characteristics because not everyone can sell goods and do it well. If you choose to study marketing and sales, you will have to study Law, and possibly need some law assignment help.


Vacancies in the field of working with data and programming have been taking leading positions for more than a year. If ten years ago an average company could limit itself to only one or two IT specialists who ensured the stable operation of the entire system, today things are somewhat different. In addition to accounting and software configuration, organizations are engaged, for example, in promoting their website, and there is no way to do without the help of layout designers, SEO specialists, designers, content managers, and other important people.

HR Department

For some reason, the work of administrative staff is not taken seriously, although well-coordinated work and order in the office do not arise by themselves. In some organizations, a single office manager performs most of the functions, while others recruit a whole staff of assistants, managers, and assistants. Today, the so-called “HR specialists” are in demand, who not only hire new employees but also deal with their adaptation, training, regulate relations within the office and perform a lot of other work.

State jobs

Of course, the civil service could not fail to enter our list. Even though modern youth does not focus on this direction, working “for the state” has some undeniable advantages. Stability, a fixed salary level, guaranteed vacation, and a state pension are only a few of them. Anyway, a lot of responsibility and regular “accidents” are now less frightening than the possibility of suddenly being out of a workplace due to a bad mood of the boss, if they fire someone, then according to the law.

Not only traditional professions are at the top of the most popular and highly paid jobs. Times are rapidly changing, and a good job is the one that comes in handy at the moment.

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