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How Do You Calculate the Value of a No Deposit Bonus Offer?

Online casinos offer no deposit bonuses to advertise their products, introduce new games, attract new players, retain existing players, and many other reasons. No deposit bonuses are popular, but you cannot take them at their face value. Before claiming a no deposit bonus, you have to learn to calculate their value so that you can grab the best deals. The following article serves as a guide to calculating the value of no deposit bonuses.

Formula to Calculate No Deposit Bonus Value

Calculating the value of no deposit bonuses helps you to distinguish profitable no deposit bonuses from non-profitable ones and choose bonuses that give you the best chance of cashing out. Do note that sometimes these no deposit bonuses are credited automatically but sometimes you need to enter a bonus coupon code.

You need three values to calculate the value of a no deposit bonus, as follows:

  • Wagering requirement
  • bonus amount
  • House edge of the game on which you have to use your bonus

Here is the formula to calculate the value of the no-deposit bonus:

No deposit bonus value = Bonus amount – (wagering requirement x house edge of the game on which you are using your bonus)

Here is an example to explain this:

Assume that you claimed a no deposit bonus of $10 with a wagering requirement of 30x. The online casino allows you to use your bonus on a game with a house edge of 4%.

Here is how to calculate the value of the no-deposit bonus:

No deposit bonus value =  Bonus – (wagering requirement x house edge)

= $10 – (30 x $10) x 4%)

= $10 – ($300 x 4%)

= $10 – $12

= – $2

Notice that the value of the no-deposit bonus is a negative number, indicating that it is not worth claiming.

If the value of the no-deposit bonus is a positive number, you can go right ahead and claim it. No deposit bonuses with a positive value give you the maximum chance of profiting.

Understanding Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirement of a no deposit bonus is one of the values required to calculate its value.

Understanding wagering requirements goes a long way in helping you to maximize your no deposit bonus profits. All bonuses have wagering requirements, indicating the number of times you must wager your bonus amount before becoming eligible to cash out the bonus winnings.

Bonus wagering requirements are related to other bonus terms & conditions. We will examine these relationships closely in the next section of this article.

Here is an example to help you understand bonus wagering requirements better:

Assume that you claimed a no-deposit cash bonus of $20, which has a wagering requirement of 30x.

You have to wager $20 thirty times or a total of $600 before cashing out your bonus winnings.

Do no deposit free spins bonuses have wagering requirements? They do. In the case of no deposit free spins bonuses, the online casino considers your free spins winnings as bonus money subject to wagering requirements.

Assume that you claimed a no deposit free spins bonus of 20 free spins and won $20 while using them. Your winnings of $20 are subject to wagering requirements of 30x. You must wager $600 before cashing out $20.

Other No Deposit Bonus Terms and Condition

The following are some of the other terms and conditions that apply to no deposit bonuses:


No deposit bonuses expire within a few hours or days. You have to satisfy the bonus wagering requirements before it expires. If you cannot do this, you will forfeit your bonus winnings.

Permitted Games

deposit bonuses are available only on permitted games. While researching the bonus offer, make sure that these games are rich in lucrative features and offer a high return to player (RTP) percentages.

Max Cashout

You may withdraw your bonus winnings, but not over the max cashout amount the online casino specifies. If the max cashout is $50, you can cash out only $50 even if you win $100 or $200. Online casinos remove the rest of the winnings from your account.

Max Bet

While using your bonus, you cannot bet more than the given amount per spin or round of the game.

Pick one of the no deposit bonuses on our website, calculate their value, and start using them.

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