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Christmas: are these the best last-minute gifts?

The Christmas season goes by very quickly – and suddenly many of us realize: I haven’t got a single present in my sack yet. The delivery times of the online shops are eerily long and there is no longer enough time for a shopping tour in the city center. But don’t worry: these products can still save your Christmas.

Sure, a voucher is not the most personal or creative gift. Nevertheless, there are fantastic vouchers that will immediately put a smile on everyone’s face. Travel vouchers are the key here. Because: They are highly individual and contain a number of new experiences.

Our recommendation: Whether for package tours, musicals or concerts – with Just Away you have the opportunity to give away travel vouchers from 20 euros. You can also personalize the voucher with individual images and texts.

Just Away Reisegutscheine

20,00 €

Maybe you’re in luck: Amazon Prime to the rescue?

Amazon Prime is known for its lightning-fast delivery. Even at Christmas time, many people rely on this online shop. Often the parcels arrive the next day or even on the same day. Is that also the case at Christmas time? You can definitely try your luck. Ideally, the gift will arrive by December 24th.

Tip: Are you interested in an Amazon Prime membership? For around eight euros a month you have access to Prime Video and Prime Shipping. Students and trainees get the monthly fee for 50 percent cheaper. If you are not quite sure yet, you can have a look at the whole thing in a free trial month.

Amazon Prime membership

7,99 €

Orders not possible? A digital Amazon voucher could be a solution

Is a last-minute order too risky for you? We are sure that almost everyone will be happy to receive an Amazon voucher. The great thing: You can simply print out the voucher and give it away. Simply enter the desired value of 20 euros and up on Amazon. And voilà: the recipient can treat themselves to a successful shopping tour.

Digital voucher

100,00 €

Jochen Schweizer: Vouchers for adrenaline junkies

As with Just Away, Jochen Schweizer has phenomenal gift vouchers for real adrenaline junkies. And best of all : with the code XMAS10 you get a 10 percent discount on almost everything. Experience vouchers are ideal as a Christmas present and are anything but uncreative or impersonal.

Experience vouchers

10,00 €

Conclusion: Vouchers don’t always have to be impersonal

One thing is clear: vouchers are not the most creative gifts. However, if the voucher reflects certain preferences of the person receiving the gift, you have done everything right. Experience vouchers in particular guarantee a lot of fun and new experiences that your loved ones can look forward to.

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