Health Benefits of Hemp Flowers

CBD Hemp Flowers – Things You Should Know Before Trying It

People often confuse Hemp with Marijuana and Cannabis and this article will shine a light on all three of these, also providing those people with some wisdom into other useful information that will help you when you next have a conversation about it or go online to purchase some for yourself.

Let’s start with the basics – the difference between these 3, and progress into further interesting information about them to enhance your familiarity.

The Difference Between Hemp, Marijuana, and Cannabis

In making this simple for you, we won’t go into much detail, except to say that; Cannabis is the name of the entire flowering plant, and both CBD hemp flowers and marijuana hail from this cannabis plant. It is no wonder people get them confused because they both share very similar smells and looks, so for a newbie, it would be difficult to tell them apart unless you knew what to look for.

Three primary or common species of cannabis plants are Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Sativa, and Cannabis Ruderalis. However, to understand the difference between hemp and marijuana you would need to go in-depth and consider three aspects which include cultivation, legality, and, usage.

Both are grown and harvested under different conditions and both have CBD in them, although hemp flowers typically have a higher concentration of it than marijuana plants, and the latter is still illegal in majority of the countries whereas hemp has just become legal in over 30 states in the USA, Canada, and Europe and a few Asian countries.

The only aspect that makes it legal is the restriction of manufactures being allowed to sell it unless it has only less than or 0.3% of THC in it by dry weight and further about the legalities of growing it and selling it can be found here.

Their different chemical compositions also set them apart and Marijuana has high concentrations of THC which makes it a psychoactive compound in comparison. If you smoke too much of it, you will get stoned or high. However, you cannot get high smoking hemp flowers. Rather it helps to either calm users or give them a bit of a boost of energy.

Health Benefits of Hemp Flowers

No surprise then, there are several health benefits of this natural substance. Some of which we will look at below.

  • If you need to pick up some with this is the best thing for you as it stimulates the appetite and helps you get hungry quicker.
  • It improves nausea and vomiting caused by many factors such as sickness or food poisoning.
  • It has been used on patients with epilepsy and Alzheimer’s to treat them with positive results
  • It has been used on people who suffer from seizures, and pets too, also producing positive results.
  • It can help those who suffer from insomnia by helping you to relax and inducing sleep at night and keeping you awake during the day.
  • It has helped those with respiratory diseases and congestion.

To name a few.

What Can you Do With CBD

Chances are you were attracted by this natural substance due to all those health benefits mentioned above, and rightly so. Without a doubt it has many advantages to us when ingested, however, one should consult their GP before taking it in any format especially if you are already taking any forms of medication. They have become so popular that manufacturers even came up with products for our four-legged felines and canines.

It is the safest thing to a beneficial and holistic approach to improving your health and the fastest way to ingest it is via smoking it, which goes straight into your bloodstream as opposed to taking other formats such as capsules to tinctures which first need to break down into the body and can take several hours.

Things you can do with it, include smoking as mentioned above, cooking with it in baked dishes, and various other recipes that use a Hemp Flower in them. You can crush it, dry it, and make tea out of it, and you can also make your home-made creams, soaps, and natural deodorants if you will. There is a wide variety of things one can do when they get creative.

Now that you know a bit more about this captivating plant given to us as a gift by the earth, you can share your knowledge with others at your next gathering. Don’t forget to get cheap CBD products.

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