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Biggest Discounts Of Online Courses Websites

Today you can easily find a qualitative online course for any profession or specialization you need. Several years ago, online education was not in high demand as it was supposed to be unreliable, useless, and of poor quality of knowledge. The pandemic has shown that now the traditional offline education is gradually being replaced with online education and it is related not only to the extracurricular courses but the learning path in schools, colleges, and universities. Moreover, some specific online courses can be a good substitution to the entire course in college after which you can surely go in for a job position providing relevant experience in the area.

According to writing service SupremeDissertations, the main disadvantage of high-grade online courses is their prices as sometimes they can be equal to the year at college or university because the amount of information and knowledge you are going to receive is the same or even more and better. However, some of the largest online courses websites often provide their new and regular customers with discounts, and some of them can go up to 70%-80% for the entire price.

We would like to dedicate this post to the biggest discounts on famous online course websites. Maybe one of these courses is exactly the one that you were dreaming about, so it is high time to start.

Udemy 90% online course sales

You must have heard of the Udemy platform – one of the most extensive libraries of online courses in so many directions like music, photography, software development, sales, digital marketing, and many-many others. Currently, there are numerous online courses related to finance management which is one of the main spheres of our lives. The course can be related to the management of personal finances, enhancing the skills as a sales manager, learning the area from scratch for your future career, and so on. The course prices start from $9.99 and discounts can go up to 90%, so here is your chance to grow the skill you would love to.

Coursera courses and certificates

Coursera is a vast online platform with a great range of various courses – paid and free, international diplomas, and different online certificates that prove your knowledge in a particular area or tool. Each of the online course directions has three different options:

  • free course for each customer
  • paid popular one course in the area
  • personal classes with the supervisor

The paid courses offer an extended version of the free courses with the opportunity of saving the information and going through tests that prove your skill level at the end of the educational process.


Codecademy is a well-known online learning school for people who are willing to become software developers and become proficient in innovative programming languages. Actually, all directions within this school entail free online courses, however, students can have a paid pricing plan where they get extensive information, constant guidance for professionals, practical lessons, and so on. The main advantage is that students from colleges usually get a 35% discount on this pricing plan, take your chance now. In addition, a group of students who want to buy this advanced plan also get the trial period so that they could understand whether these online courses correspond to their demands and expectations.


FutureLearn is a trusted online learning website on the market with numerous available online courses for different specializations. The range of direction is really extensive as it includes business management, healthcare, art, teaching, science, and others. These are not simple online courses as they offer communication with the top universities and area specialists who can share their stories and experiences that will be useful for your future profession. Now you can receive up to a 30% discount on particular courses as they provide decent and valuable information for students that can be applied in their lives in some ways.

To sum up

The number of top-notch online courses websites is really enormous as you can find the course in literally any sphere and activity you need. However, sometimes people make the wrong decisions about the course selection as they choose the online course that is popular among other users or their friends but which they don’t like. In that case, the course will be useful; you will probably never get back to that sphere again. Due to the custom writing company Trust My Paper, we recommend choosing the online course and its direction wisely and thinking of how this knowledge and skills can be used for your education, hobby, or future career. Make sure that the selected online course, no matter how popular it is and what platform it is placed on, has theoretical and practical knowledge which can be somehow applied in your life so that you don’t waste your time, money, and effort.

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