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Best and Worst Online Casino Coupons

The online casino space is occupied by dozens of different operators, all offering the same or similar games that will pay out the same or similar prizes. That makes it hard work to stand out from the crowd if you happen to be running one of those sites. But for casino players, it’s only good news, as it means every one of them will be going the extra yard to offer some incentive to tempt you towards their site.

Casino coupons that offer free spins, bonuses and the like are therefore incredibly common. In fact, almost every casino platform will have some sort of promotion on the go, typically aimed at new players. Some of these drastically reduce the risk associated with gambling while giving you a great chance of a lucrative return. Others, however, are not as generous as they might initially seem. Let’s take a look at how they work and the things you need to focus on to pick out the best casino coupon offers and not to be taken in by the worst.

Read the small print

An online casino is a business, just like any other, and it is not giving away freebies because it loves you and wants you to be happy. Every casino bonus will have conditions attached to it, and these can either work for or against you depending on the type of player you are.

The golden rule, therefore, is to read the small print, and be absolutely clear on what’s really being offered. If there’s any ambiguity, don’t be shy about getting on the live chat and asking a customer service agent. So what in particular do you need to check?

Wagering requirement

This is probably the most common obstacle that can trip you up, and that can mean a seemingly generous casino coupon is actually likely to be almost worthless. To differentiate the wheat from the chaff, it’s vital that you fully understand wagering requirements. Now just about any online casino will attach some sort of wagering requirements to its bonuses, otherwise you could just cash out the bonus money without even playing a game, and that would clearly be unfair.

The wagering requirement is the number of times you have to bet that “free money” before you can withdraw your winnings. So for example, suppose there’s a $100 bonus and it has a wagering requirement of 20 times attached to it. This means you’ll need to place $2,000 in bets before you can start withdrawing winnings.

10 to 15 years ago, casinos typically had a wagering requirement of around 10x. Today, you can see them as high as 40x, 50x or even 60x. The problem here is that you’re most likely to burn the bonus and just throw more and more of your own money into chasing the loss – especially when you consider some of the additional points.

Time constraints

On top of the wagering requirement, a casino might give you a limited time period in which to use the bonus. If you’re serious about your casino gaming, that is not necessarily a problem, and even for casual gamers, a 30-day validity period is unlikely to be challenging. But often the biggest bonuses are only available for a few days, so it pays to double check or you might find the money simply evaporates.

Choice of games

We all have our preferred games to play in the online casino. Blackjack is historically the most popular game of all, while games like video poker offer the lowest house edge. Both of these are games in which strategic play can mean you are on close to equal terms with the house and you stand a real chance of coming out on top.

They sound like ideal games to choose when spending your bonus money, but be careful. It’s increasingly common for games like these to be excluded from the wagering requirements. In other words, they won’t help you to turn the bonus coupon into a tangible reward. It’s more common than ever to find that if you want to cash out your bonus money, you’ll need to concentrate on the slot games and nothing else.

Free spins

Casino coupons do not always offer financial deposits. Sometimes, you’ll instead be awarded a set number of free spins, either on a specific slot game or on a choice of games. Unlike the free spins that are awarded within the game itself, however, free spins from casino coupons typically have a wagering requirement attached to them. However, these are usually less onerous than the ones linked to the no deposit bonuses, so if slots are your game of choice, it usually makes sense to choose those free spins over what might appear to be an even more generous cash bonus.

Ultimately, the golden rule is to understand the casino coupon fully before you sign up to it. Once you are clear on the wagering requirements and other limitations, you’ll be able to make a rational decision on whether it is really offering anything extra to your casino gaming experience or not.

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