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A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Money Easily


Are you looking for ways to make money by doing as little work as possible and as quickly as possible? Don’t worry – it’s very easy. You can sell products or services, view unusual jobs, and complete other tasks to get quick cash.

Think about your options

Sell old stuff

Make money from your old stuff or stuff you don’t really need: do a flea market. Restore old furniture and sell it for big money. Sell stuff on Ebay Classifieds Sell your clothes in the thrift store. Sell ​​books, CDs and games in specialized shops.

Sign up for review sites.

A review doesn’t pay well, but if you review a lot, you can make a lot of money. If you live in the US, check this out: OpinionOutpost SurveySavvy SurveySpot Valued Opinions.

Make money off your body.

Here are some things you can do to make money from your body: Test drugs Donate plasma Sell sperm (if you’re a man) Sell eggs (if you’re a woman)

Do small jobs in between.

The internet is full of such requests, so shop around and find one. You’re usually lucky with that in larger cities. Driving groceries Shopping for people Mowing the lawn Watering flowers Transporting packages or taking them to the post office Taking care of children, animals or houses. Work as a tutor at Wyzant, Istaedu, or

Rent a room in your home.

This way you can save a lot of money. The Internet is full of requests: AirBnB WG wanted Fewo-Direkt Mitwohnzentrale

Become an online freelancer.

You can write and proofread/edit or manually edit articles that aren’t machine-editable. Unfortunately, the pay is very bad, but you basically have free time management and get something out of it for longer.

Sign up for credit cards with bonus payments.

You can get a lot of money with this. However, many accounts expect a minimum amount to be in the account. If your card offers cash back, find out how best to use it.

Sell things

Sell ​​things to shops.

There are many stores, both retail and chain, that buy products at a lower price and then resell them in their stores. Search around your home for items that you no longer need, want, or use and visit such stores in your area. If you consider yourself a fairly avid reader with an appropriate library, you can search your archive for old books that you no longer want. Used book stores can sell them in good condition for several euros each. Clothing is something everyone has and oftentimes we have far too much of it. If your closet is bursting at the seams, sort out things that no longer fit you or that are no longer fashionable. You will get the best price for clothes without holes, stains or abrasions. If your library is more music than books, consider selling some of your CDs. CDs with protective sleeves intact and no scratches or cracks can be sold for a few bucks each. Offer your used CDs to a music or record store. If you enjoy playing video games, you can discard your old games. Many game stores will buy used games if they are free of scratches or stains and are in the original sleeve. You’re getting a fraction of what you paid for the game when you bought it, but getting a few bucks for something you no longer need is better than nothing. Take a variety of items to a thrift store. Here you can sell anything from that blender you never used to your old motorcycle jacket.

Sell ​​your things directly.

If you’d rather sell it yourself than take it to a store, you can sell things online or at a flea market. While this requires a bit more planning than simply taking them to a thrift store, you can also make significantly more money by selling them yourself. Host your own garage sale. Expect at most 50% of the original price for a brand new item. You still get money for something you don’t need right now. Plan ahead by placing ads in the newspaper and putting up signs on busy streets. Place ads for valuable items on sites like Craigslist or eBay to offer them to a larger audience. If you have something that’s worth a lot more than just a few used clothes and garage tools, you should place an online ad for it. Craigslist is a great way to sell something to local people without the hassle of mailing it.

Sell ​​body parts.

Strange as that sounds, you can sell parts of your body for a lot of money. We’re not talking about organs, more like things like plasma, genetic material, and long hair. If you have long (over 10 inches) and healthy hair, you may consider cutting it off and selling it to a wig company. Virgin hair that has never been colored or straightened fetches the best price, especially if it’s a particular color or texture. The longer your hair, the more money you can get for it! Sell ​​plasma to a blood bank. Plasma is part of the blood that is given in transfusions to patients with certain medical conditions. You can donate your plasma several times within a few weeks and receive an average of 50€ per donation. Sell ​​your sperm. Not every man relishes the idea of ​​passing his genetic material to strangers, but if you’re short on cash and willing to help a strange couple have a baby, you can sell your sperm. You can earn up to €100 per visit. Sell ​​your eggs. This is a lot more time-consuming than selling sperm, but women who want to make a lot of money and don’t mind selling their eggs can get up to €10,000 for a single treatment. It takes several weeks, involves injections and a minor procedure, and can be slightly uncomfortable. The good thing is that you can make a lot of money in a relatively short amount of time.

Sell ​​material.

This can be old jewelry, or the pile of scrap metal in your yard. Metal fetches good prices and if you’re looking for the cheaper varieties you’ll find it easily. Gold always pays well, currently $1,350 per troy ounce of 24k gold. While most gold jewelry isn’t of this high quality, you can certainly make a few hundred dollars by selling some old rings or bracelets that you never wear. Scrap metal is a great way to make money that most people don’t necessarily think of. If you have an old car, boat, or building with unnecessary metal, you can disassemble it and sell it to a scrap dealer. You could make hundreds or even thousands of dollars just by letting it rust. If you are throwing a party, collect all the metal cans and plastic bottles afterwards and take them to a collection point. You can get about 25 cents a can. Not only do you recycle waste, but you even earn a few euros in the process. You also get money for most bottles! Collect scrap metal from abandoned warehouses and dumpsters. You can also buy scrap metal in the form of cars or boats, which will cost you less than what you get for the scrap metal.

Sell ​​something you make yourself.

Are you a good baker? A gardener? A carpenter? Then bring your handmade things to market. This doesn’t necessarily mean that selling at a farmer’s market is your only option. There are many ways for a true artist to sell their wares. You can try opening a shop on an online marketplace, like Etsy or eBay. There you can advertise your products, give a short description and introduce the items on the site. Etsy is now a very successful site for handmade one-of-a-kind items that sell at high prices. Bring your homemade things to a Christmas fair, fair or market. Those who attend these events particularly want to see the products that others make themselves, so the audience is already tailored to you. Some of these points of sale charge a stand fee, but sometimes you also get a free point of sale. Offer your products to local offices and boutiques. Visit places where you may find similar products to what you make and ask if they would like to sell your product. Many shopkeepers are happy to support other business people by offering their products for sale.

Sell ​​space on your website.

Are you the proud owner of a blog or website? Then sell ad space in the columns of your page. You can register various affiliate links that sell advertising space to larger providers. Then you get a percentage of the amount sold from your site. The best way to make a lot of money this way is to keep your website or blog traffic high by posting interesting content frequently.

Rent space.

If you have a spare room, basement, or parking lot on a busy street, you can rent that space out. You can cancel the agreement at any time if you need the room again. If you decide to rent out part of your home, you should have a written lease and all papers and licenses must be in order. This avoids incidents with the tenants or the government. Offer your parking space to your neighbors who may need space for multiple cars. Check out the monthly fees in your area to set a fair parking fee.

Sell ​​stock photos.

Stock photos are simple, nondescript images that can be used in articles, brochures, presentations, etc. for a fee. You don’t get much per piece, but the totals can add up as photos can be sold over and over again. Above all, it’s really really easy to take a few good pictures, upload them and wait.

Get an unusual job

Try “sitting” with your neighbors.

While many people associate babysitting with a job for thirteen-year-old girls, it’s actually a quick and easy way to make money. Sitting doesn’t have to just refer to children, you can also refer to houses, animals, and gardens. Advertise on bulletin boards and in your neighborhood to get hired. If you love animals, pet sitting or walking dogs is a great way to make money. When your friends, family, or neighbors go on vacation, you can offer to look after their pet for a small fee. This helps them and gives you an opportunity to make money doing something you enjoy doing. House sitting is probably the best of the sitting jobs. You get paid to live in someone’s house and keep it safe from break-ins and accidents while the family is away on vacation or business trips. Although you may only have to check in once a day, this is a very easy way to make a lot of money.

Do odd jobs.

Everyone has small jobs that need to be done, whether it’s cleaning out the gutter, polishing the car, or a deep cleaning of the house, there’s plenty to do. Promote your services to friends and family for a small fee.

Become a secret shopper.

A secret shopper is paid to visit secret shops and restaurants and then report back on that visit in an online survey. On average, you’ll make around €10 per store for a short, 10-15 minute visit. There is an association for secret buyers, which is superior to the third parties working for them. Therefore, if you are looking for safe secret shopper programs, you should visit this association’s site. If you need to buy something – usually food or clothes – you will get this amount back after completing the online survey.

Work for ChaCha.

ChaCha is a phone service that anyone can ask any question over the phone or via SMS. As an employee, you must choose an area that you know well, then research the question and submit it as soon as possible. Before you are hired by ChaCha, you must pass a test to prove that you are compatible with the system and able to complete the tasks set. ChaCha employees are paid between $3 and $9 an hour, with no hourly minimums. You can always register on the site if you want to work and work as much as you want.

Work as an announcer or referee in sports.

Do you like sports? Then read the rules of your favorite game and get paid to be a judge! At around €15 per hour of play, you get a little pocket money for taking part in your favorite sport. However, you should know the rules well, as you may face dissatisfied players if you accidentally make a wrong decision.

Get a job as a temp.

Companies often need temporary employees, so you can offer your services to a temp agency. While this is not necessarily the fastest way to make money, the jobs are easy due to the lack of time to be trained for difficult tasks. Become a virtual assistant. If you have administrative experience and are looking for an opportunity to work from home, you can look for a virtual assistant job on sites like or It may take a week to get back to you, but the work is very convenient for stay-at-home parents or to fill in the gaps in a part-time job. Find a seasonal job. Many businesses and businesses are particularly busy at certain times of the year depending on the service they offer. You can find a job for a few weeks or months in a store or office that has a busy season ahead.

Work for special occasions.

Many companies need people at short notice to advertise or work for certain events. You may be paid to stand on the street with a sign or give out samples at the mall. This is usually paid by the hour and these are short-term jobs limited to a few days or weeks.

Try a computer mechanical testing program.

These are online jobs that give you a simple task that is difficult for a computer to do. They are trivial, monotonous and incredibly simple tasks. The pay is usually pennies, so you’ll have to put in quite a bit of time to make money, even if the tasks are easy. Amazon offers such a program where you get paid into your Amazon account, but you can withdraw the money once you have crossed the €10 threshold. You can choose the job you want to do from a list. Note, however, that these jobs can be very boring. But if you keep at it, you can make some money in a week!

Deliver newspaper.

This job is best for early risers. If you like getting up early, however, you can earn €10,000 a year just by delivering newspapers! Best of all, working early doesn’t mean you have to worry about interfering with your usual work or school schedule.

Other ways to make money

Try online polls.

Many online surveys offer €5 to €10 per survey. You can easily supplement your income with one or two surveys a day.

Take part in a study.

Universities, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies constantly need participants in studies. Depending on the study, you can get several hundred euros for it! Most studies look for healthy people, but sometimes patients need to have certain diseases. Visit university or health authority websites to find out what trials are taking place in your area. Take part in NASA’s sleep study. This requires you to lie in one of the beds provided with minimal physical activity for three months. The payment for this study is a whopping $10,000. However, payment is only due months after the forced bed rest. Participating in medical studies can always result in certain side effects, although these are usually quite unlikely.

Give your opinion

Companies want to know what the public thinks about their products. To find out this opinion, there are online surveys that anyone can take and be paid for. Visit, where you can take dozens of polls, each worth a few dollars. Participate in focus groups. These exist both online and in real life. You have to provide feedback about a specific product or idea. You get a few euros or up to a hundred euros, depending on the time and effort for the respective group activity.

Look for discounts when signing up.

If you’re thinking about switching bank accounts, need a new credit card, or want to refer a friend to a company, you can shop around and take advantage of perks before you make your decision.

Companies and corporations want their products to reach as many people as possible. To do this, they hire ordinary people to promote them. You can advertise online or in real life. Have advertising placed on your car. Depending on the product or service, you have to make the advertising space on your car available for several months or years. Over time, however, this brings several hundred euros. Removing the ads afterwards will not damage the car. Sell ​​the status updates from your Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook account. You will receive advertising of your choice, which will appear as a status update that you have posted on social media. You get more money the more ads you post and the more followers you have. Visit for an introduction to this type of advertising.

Volunteer at a food co-op.

Many cities have food co-ops that are run entirely by volunteers. So what do you get out of this volunteer work? Oftentimes, you’ll get free groceries in exchange for your work. This is basically money for groceries that you would otherwise have to buy!

Earn money from your smartphone.

Apps like Field Agent, CheckPoints, WeReward, MyLikes, and Gigwalk let you complete small tasks (like taking a picture of yourself in a coffee shop or scanning a barcode) for a few bucks. These are great ways to make some money by eating out or shopping.

Search for money or property that no one owns.

In some countries, like the US or Canada, you can also find out online if someone wrote you a check that didn’t reach you.


Never pay to take survey platforms. All legitimate platforms are free. Always research what you’re getting before you do anything. Recycle and collect small changes. This all adds up and eventually becomes these big bills. Much luck. Offer your services primarily to friends and family so you don’t run into strangers making “distasteful” offers. Keep a positive attitude. Negativity leads to negative results. Work hard to make easy money. Join affiliate programs that pay commissions. This is where you can refer your friends and other people who want to make money online. If they sell something, you get a small fee too for referring them.


The internet can be dangerous. Don’t trust all the polls you see online, whether you’re viewing the page from an advertisement for that item, or in an advertising program on other sites. There are dangerous survey sites that steal personal information or simply install viruses on your computer!


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