Find a partner

A Complete Guide to Finding a Partner

There are always opportunities to meet women who share your interests and are also interested in you – whether you are looking nearby or far away.

Find suitable women

Go online

Online dating portals are now commonplace when finding people with the same interests. Find a portal that you like and create your profile. You can search for registered women with similar interests, or you can wait for the women to find you. Your profile picture should be attractive and neat. You should wear clothes. Naked bodies, however shapely, should not be featured online. Do not lie. Don’t hide if you’re older or less fit than you want. The woman won’t stay long if she notices your lies when you meet. If someone contacts you, reply as soon as possible, so the woman doesn’t think you’re lazy or uninterested. Be open to anyone interested in you. If you put an age or other restriction on your wish list, you could miss out on women who may be slightly outside your expectations but who would be perfect for you. Limitations also sound very bossy, and perfectionist, so many women are put off—even if they meet your criteria.

Ask your friends

If you want to get to know someone, male and female friends are a good start. Your friends probably know single women who are also looking, e.g., sisters, work colleagues, women from hobby or sports groups. Host or have your friends host a party or dinner where the two of you can meet up. Consider going on a blind date with the person. But first, ask your boyfriend why he thinks the woman might be a good fit for you. This will make it easier for you to think about topics of conversation before the meeting.

Try a partner agency.

You could also use a dating agency if online dating is too public or impersonal. The employees then look for a suitable partner and introduce you to each other. Many online agencies arrange meetings both online and in person. Therefore you should check the page carefully because you may be able to choose between the two options.

Think about the women at work.

Find out in advance if romantic relationships are allowed in your job. Some companies don’t allow them. If it’s not a problem at your job, then there are pros and cons to such workplace relationships. Pros: Female colleagues often have similar interests, schedules, and availability as you. You don’t have to roam bars and clubs to meet them. Disadvantages: After a breakup, working together can become very difficult. Office gossip is also a problem, and allegations of advantage can arise. But all of these things can be dealt with. If you like someone at work, maybe she’s worth all that effort. Never harass women. It is not for nothing that there are regulations regarding how to deal with others, e.g., regarding inappropriate touching or comments, etc. Make sure there are no misunderstandings by being open, clear and empathetic. Avoid dirty language or innuendos. You shouldn’t start an affair with or date a woman going through a divorce. Keep private communications private. Don’t use a work email address to flirt with her. Use your private email or speak to her in person. The IT people at work can retrieve all work emails. When using your work email address, never write anything that everyone else in the office can’t read. Think carefully about whether you should consider a woman your boss, manager, or supervisor. Accusations of taking advantage could quickly arise against you. The unequal balance of power at work could also lead to an imbalance of power in your relationship, which isn’t healthy for either of you.

Deliberately go where singles meet.

There are many ways to meet women in a big or small town or similar places. Such places are clubs, nightclubs, bars/sports bars, and restaurants. Be careful in noisy dance clubs as it is difficult to converse there. And if you pick someone up before you’ve even talked to the woman, you might realize that you’re not a good match when you start talking. Speed ​​dating events Singles parties Hobby or sporting events followed by a party or meetup Dinner parties, evening events or tastings (wine, chocolate, anything sensual) A singles cruise or other singles event that is a little more unusual is

Take lessons or take a course.

If you have a particular interest—sailing or food art—you might find like-minded women in a class or class on the subject. Then you have something to talk about. Go to the fitness center. Then you not only do something for your fitness, you often find many women in the courses. If you are just one of a few men in the class or even the only one, the others consider you special!

Pay attention to your surroundings.

Life offers many opportunities to meet women – if you are open to the possibilities. For example, if you’re standing in line at the supermarket, talk to the woman next to you who has been approaching you for a variety of reasons. Get a woman’s attention on the public transit ride home by making a funny comment about something relevant and then introducing yourself. Everyday places where you might be able to approach women include the laundromat, the bus stop, while shopping (e.g., even talking to that clerk you like so much), working out at the gym, walking your dog, while tending your front yard when they go by, in the library, in the video store (then you know their taste in movies), at big outdoor events and with hobbies or sports. You can also connect with women who share the same beliefs and values ​​as you by attending church or community events. If you attend such events regularly, there are likely to be a lot of opportunities.

Present yourself well

Present yourself appropriately.

Even if you shouldn’t judge others by their appearance, the first impression at a meeting is very important if you don’t know each other yet. It’s always an advantage to look your best. In the first few moments, you will be assessed and classified – depending on your wearing, how well-groomed you are and whether your shoes have been shined, even if you don’t want to admit it! If you want to meet women, then you should be well-groomed and well-dressed in your style. If you want to find a woman, wear clothes that suit you. It should be in good condition, iron if necessary (not everything needs ironing, trust your instincts), and no holes or stains. Wear your hair neatly. Take the time to style your hair and shave in the morning. Get your hair cut every eight weeks. Leave your shabby work or garden clothes at home. Unclean, untidy clothing lowers your confidence and doesn’t help you stand out. For both men and women, shabby clothes say, “I’m not interested right now, thanks.” Be careful with perfume or aftershave. She shouldn’t be smelling you from miles away.

Behave appropriately.

You should be the type of man a woman wants. Even with small things, show that you are a gentleman. Then continue to have a casual conversation. If you see a woman with her hands full, offer to help her. A friendly stranger is sure to pique their interest. Any situation can be a reason for conversation. Explain the bus schedule, tell her she can get something cheaper elsewhere, or offer her spare change when she rummages through her wallet. Don’t expect anything in return; let her decide how she responds.

Your appearance

You should appear approachable.

It’s easier to meet people when you seem open and approachable. This includes open body language, a smile and a positive attitude. Just like a good appearance, your body language greatly impacts whether someone likes to approach you. The tone of the voice, the speed and the volume also influence. You should look and act confident. Other people notice self-doubt. That’s why you should mentally prepare yourself to be confident or pretend to be! Stay positive. Nobody wants to be whined at the first meeting. Even if things aren’t going so well in your life, don’t complain when you first meet her.

Look women in the eye, not at the breasts.

A woman won’t stay around you if you keep staring at her breasts. See her as a whole person: look her in the face when you listen to her. Maintain eye contact without staring at her. Remember her name. Use her name when speaking to her. This will make her subconsciously more comfortable around you. Appreciate a little small talk. It might be small, but small talk is a safe way to bond. At this point, it’s not about what you say but how you say it: warmth, kindness, and interest.

Stay calm.

Everyone is nervous when meeting someone new and hoping for more than a handshake. But it’s important to manage your fears as best you can by reminding yourself that you’re a valuable human being. You shouldn’t think of the meeting as an audition. Otherwise, you’re putting on a show and treating it like a part of it. It can only end badly if everything doesn’t go according to the script. Better relax and look at the meeting as a pleasant opportunity to get to know someone without worrying about where it’s going. If you think you’re good enough for the woman in question, she’ll sense it and reciprocate your confident attitude. If you behave unworthily, you will likely be treated as such. Get the desired response by being confident and engaged at the moment.

Establish a connection.

Find out what the woman in this world really loves and let her tell you what she likes about it. Then tell her that you feel the same way about a few things. But don’t overdo it. You must show her that you’re versatile. You should have a slightly different opinion on a few undisputed things. For example, you could say, “Yeah, I like Van Gogh too, but Monet is way too simple for me.” This way, she’ll see that you’re not just always saying “yes” to make her like you, but that you’re engaging in an intelligent conversation are able. Don’t tell her too much about yourself when you first meet her. It could come off as if you’re too desperate to find someone you love and want her to like you too badly. Act like a single working man with brains. Women are very sensitive to physical closeness. Don’t get too close; a distance of about 30 cm is good. Instead of the chair, take the one across from her if she leans towards you.

You should know when to end a conversation.

You may appear desperate or even sneaky if you talk to her for too long. If you’d like to see this woman again, say, “I’d like to hear more, but I have to get back to work. We could continue our conversation at salsa night Tuesday.” Always create opportunities to continue the conversation. Don’t wring her to the last detail; you could create an awkward situation and make her lose interest. Don’t let her end the conversation or the date. If she wants to stop, delay the ending, think of a few more things to say, and then end the meeting. Now she’s staying a little longer. If you can, come back and ask her for her phone number. Of course, as with anything, there are certain expectations. If the two of you hit it off immediately and you two talk all night until the next morning, then let it happen. This can happen without any apparent reason.

Dealing with rejection

You need to know that rejection is part of the dating ritual.

Some women aren’t interested because it doesn’t work. Respect that. It’s far better to be open and honest with each other than to insist that your mind and body fit together, which will never be the case. This attitude would be forced and callous. Don’t take rejection personally, but see it as an important step in finding the perfect match for you. Sometimes you get rejected because it’s not the right time for her to be in a committed relationship. Maybe she’s going through a messy divorce. Maybe she’s about to make a big career move or she just needs time to get over a bad relationship. If she’s worth it, keep your distance while remaining kind and patient. Otherwise, wish her well and keep looking.

Listen to your gut feeling.

A rejection doesn’t mean anything wrong with you as a person (she might like you, but she might not know how to show it!). But if you keep getting rejected, reconsider your appearance, approach to women, or your entire approach. You might be doing something wrong, but that’s easy to change.


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