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8 Tips on How to Spend Less Time on Essay Writing

It is not a secret that managing essay writing and social life at the same time is difficult. Sometimes you cannot help but think about what you prefer to do rather than struggling with the unfinished paper in front of you. So can you spend less time writing essays? I believe that this can be achieved. This article will present the most effective tactics to use in order to be more productive when writing an essay.

1. Organize your workplace

To some people, it is very pleasant to write essays or do other homework at a neat and beautiful table. Others are much more productive in a creative mess. To make writing productive, you should make your workplace convenient. Here, you may have a mood board, a comfortable chair, a calendar, cute notebooks, and a cool desk lamp. You may like mountains of books and pens and pencils of different colors and shapes. Turn on the fantasy! If you are still unsure, take a look at Pinterest to get a lot of interesting ideas.

2. Be focused

Speaking of being productive, I should mention how important it is to stay focused. Having too many distracting thoughts is a sure way to increase the hours you spend doing your assignment.

Think about your usual writing mode. What does it usually look like? You are probably sitting with music, Netflix, or YouTube turned on and trying to write your essay. Your brain can’t process all this information properly. In this way, you perceive information much worse than you would without all this noise in the background, and, as a result, you spend more time completing your task.

If you try to focus on essay writing without sending messages to people or watching videos with cats, you may notice that you do not need so much time to complete your paper. You should try a method that usually helps writers who work on online essay writing services to write essays faster:

• Read the requirements for the essay carefully.
• Set the timer for 30 minutes.
• Write an essay for this time period without breaks.
• Take a ten-minute break.
• Repeat the last three steps until your essay is finished.
• Proofread and edit the paper.

3. Take into account the features that suit you

To begin with, it is very important to find out which mode suits you. Some people cannot write essays or do other homework at night and late in the evening, but for others, it is the most convenient option. Simply put, try to find out if you are an early bird or a night owl.

4. Set a timer

Strict deadlines make students work faster. In order to spend less time on essay writing, you may need motivation to stop putting writing off. A deadline is what you need in this situation. Do not stick to the deadline set by a teacher because you won’t have time to reread your essay with fresh eyes a few days later. Also, don’t forget about rewards for yourself to stay motivated during the whole process.

Let’s say that you need to write a one-page essay. You know that you can do it in three hours. You need to set the timer for three and a half hours in order to have enough time for breaks. This method will help you to finish your essay on time.

5. Use additional resources if something doesn’t work

Essays that cause difficulties from time to time and bring bad results are not a reason to get upset. This is a signal to find the solution. Maybe, your writing abilities are impaired, and therefore each essay is cognitive hell for you. Or maybe you just lack knowledge and need an additional resource to fill in the gaps. On the Internet, or even in the library, you can find the necessary material.

6. Don’t put essay writing off

It is not a good idea to put writing off – everyone knows that. However, neither sleepless nights nor low grades can prevent students from writing essays at the last minute. You should manage the process step by step. The first step may be writing the body paragraphs of your essay. The next steps may be writing an introduction and a conclusion, and so on. This approach will help you deal with your assignment easier.

7. Try to deal with your essay without outside help

If you face any difficulties, you may want to seek help from people who are savvier in essay writing. Independent work may take longer for the first time. But gradually the skill helps to quickly find the necessary information and write papers. And this, in turn, enhances self-esteem.

8. Plan interesting things after finishing an essay

Cheer yourself with pleasant plans for the evening. As soon as you finish your essay, you can eat cookies or ice cream, watch your favorite TV show, or meet with friends. This will motivate you to write a paper much faster.

Thanks to these tips, you will handle essay writing with ease. I believe that now you will be more productive and forget about procrastination. The more tips you use while writing, the faster you will write your essay!

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