Shoot perfect selfies

3 Simple Steps to Shoot Perfect Selfies

Taking a selfie is a fun way to show the world your confidence, personality, and fashion sense. From the president to the Oscar winner, everyone does it. But you shouldn’t just point the camera at your face and snap a picture without a plan — there’s an art to snapping a selfie that your friends will instantly see and love to see on their Facebook feed.

Strike a pose

Ensure a good angle.

Instead of taking the photo straight on, experiment with different angles to ensure you get the best of your assets. If you turn your head to the right or left, your features won’t come across as flat. Holding the camera slightly above your head so that it’s looking down at you will make your eyes look bigger and avoid a “piggy nose”. Here are a few other ideas for finding the right angle: Know your “chocolate side” and take the picture from that side. It’s the side of your face that looks more balanced and symmetrical. Holding the camera up and taking a snap of your face will also emphasize your cleavage. Since this position is rather unnatural, you likely know exactly what you are focusing on in such a selfie.

Show new.

If you want to present your new haircut or the ring you just bought, make sure it is the center of attention.

Smile or otherwise make a happy face.

A sad face or grimace attracts no one. If you want your new haircut to be the focal point, you must photograph your head from a good angle. A schnauzer, for example, should be photographed from the front. The same applies to the new glasses. You can also take a selfie of yourself holding a new item you just bought or even something you’re about to eat.

Focus on a specific feature.

If you want to take a close-up of your face, you should consider whether you want to enhance one feature and downplay the others. This is especially helpful if you’re proud of a trait about yourself. For example, if you particularly love your eyes, accentuate them with mascara and matching eyeshadow while keeping your lips and complexion more natural. Or the other way around, if your smile is your best feature, keep your cheeks and eyes natural and wear gorgeous, gorgeous lipstick.

Have an interesting facial expression.

You can’t go wrong with a smile! You might feel a little weird smiling in front of the camera – or your phone – but just snapping a picture of yourself like that is weird. If you’re the more serious type, a cool, collected expression can also work well. You can smile in different ways. Experiment with what suits you best. The shy closed-mouth smile can be just as flattering as a big grin. The smile is one of the most treasured and charming expressions you can show off. Sometimes it is difficult to judge whether an expression appears authentic. A good way to make it seem more real is to capture an emotion you’re feeling. For example, snap a selfie while watching a movie that makes you laugh or right after you’ve received some shocking news.

Take a full body photo.

If you want to present your new outfit or your new figure after the diet, you have to photograph yourself in front of a full-length mirror. Your face is no longer the focus here. Take full-body shots in a tidy area. Your body should be the focus, not some objects in the background. Women appear slimmer by raising their hips slightly towards the camera side. The opposite shoulder should be rotated slightly forward and the free arm should either be hanging loosely or resting on your hip. Bend your chest naturally and cross your legs at the ankles.

Show yourself naturally.

You can photograph yourself as you are known, or let people see the “real you” and show yourself without make-up, which can be both interesting and sexy. If your just-woke-up look doesn’t look like a dream but more like a nightmare, you can also help a little. A subtle make-up still makes your selfie special, especially if you usually wear heavy make-up.

Snap a photo of your shoes.

If you want to take a selfie with your newly purchased pair of shoes, hold the camera slightly to make your legs appear slimmer. Shoot vertically. The top edge of the image should be as close to the hips as possible. This angle makes your legs longer.

Recognize which poses are passé.

Some selfie poses were popular for a long time but are now well past their prime. You can contribute to them, but you should clarify that this is a joke. Notable examples of these poses include duck face, flexing muscles, or pretending to be asleep or being surprised by someone. The “duck face” combines pursed lips and wide-open eyes. It was best known for Snookie and her friends from Jersey Shore. Do it at your own risk! It tends to go awry to take a selfie while pretending that someone else did it. Something about your posture or movement will give you away and you will have to take criticism. If you pull it off with a slight smile or wink, people will realize it’s deliberately staged.

Prepare the scene for even better selfies

Make sure you have good lighting.

Sufficient light is a basic requirement when taking photos. Selfies are no exception here. If you try to take a selfie in a room with dim or harsh fluorescent lighting, it won’t look the way you want it to. Natural light flatters you the most, so try to take a selfie near a window or outside. Keep these factors in mind when taking a snapshot: The sun or light source should always be in front of you. The light illuminates and softens your facial features. If the light comes from the side or from behind, shadows appear on your face that you don’t want to have in your selfie. With a thin curtain, you can filter the light a bit. This will make the light softer and flattering. Your facial features appear smoother and softer, making your smile more attractive. You can also use artificial light if necessary, but sunlight has the most natural effect. If you don’t have the best light, use a digital camera with automatic color correction. If possible, avoid using a flash. This will give you a shine on your forehead, the image will appear distorted and you may get the red-eye effect.

Use your smartphone’s rear camera.

Many smartphones have two cameras: one on the back and one on the front. Instead of using the front camera, you should use the rear camera. The rear camera has a higher resolution. You have to turn the camera around and can’t see your face while taking the photo, but it’s worth the effort.

Don’t use a mirror unless you otherwise won’t get the shot you want.

The photo is mirrored, your camera is visible, and you get a weird glow. Also, your selfie will appear distorted because a mirror will not reflect the image perfectly. Extend your arm, use your hips to hold the camera in front of your face and start snapping. It may take some practice, but eventually you’ll find the perfect position to cover your entire face (and not always cut off a chunk of your head). The only exception to this is if you want to take a full body picture, since without a mirror you can’t cover more than your head and shoulders. Practice taking selfies with both your left and right hands. Find out which hand you can use to get the angle you want.

Pose in front of a beautiful background.

The best selfies are more than just a face. There is also something interesting to see in the background. Whether you’re taking your selfie indoors or outdoors, also pay attention to what’s in the background. Position yourself so that people see what you want them to see. Nature is always a good backdrop. In spring and summer, parks and flowering shrubs are ideal as background motifs. Colorful leaves are an eye-catcher in autumn and the majestic ice and snow landscapes in winter. If nature is not your thing, you can also use your room for a photo shoot. But first, you should clean up. You can also place something interesting in the background as long as it’s not too distracting. For example, a bookshelf or a stack of books would make an ideal background if you like to read. However, a film poster with many characters could be too distracting.

Watch out for photo bombers.

The culprits are usually younger siblings, screaming children, and dogs doing their business in the yard. So before photographing yourself, look around for those just waiting to ruin your picture. If someone still manages to get onto your photo, you can take a new one without an intruder. Before uploading, you should check the background of your selfie again. Sometimes photo bombers even add to the quality of the selfie! Don’t throw away your picture because your little sister is in it. Her funny grimace contrasting with your serious pose can make the picture even more interesting.

Grab a few more people for the photo.

The first requirement for a selfie is to be in it, but there’s no rule that you must be alone! Grab your friends, siblings, dog or other people and take a picture with them. The image is not as controlled but visually more interesting and fun to look at and share. This is a good option if you want to take a picture in public but are unsure of yourself. The more people in the picture, the better at spreading the word! If you have a whole group of friends in the picture instead of just you, the picture is much more likely to be passed around and more people will like it.

Uploading and managing your selfies

Try different filters.

Most selfie photographers have an app that offers interesting color and light filters. However, not every filter is suitable for every photo. Try them before you decide on one. The black and white filter and the sepia filter are standard. You probably have these features even if you don’t have a corresponding app installed on your phone. Other popular filters make the photo look vintage, spooky, romantic, and darker. Just try them out and find out which filter suits your photo best.

Edit the photo.

With an image editing program, you can also retouch minor blemishes, adjust the image size, cut out parts, change the look of the light, before posting the selfie on your profile. Many things can be done on your smartphone without installing an additional app, but you can also check out the dozens of apps available for this purpose. But don’t overdo it. If your picture looks too unnatural, it’s better to be on the safe side and discard the changes before uploading a fake picture.

Upload it to all your social media.

Share your selfie on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram for all your friends to see. Most of the time, you can add a description to the image or let it speak for itself. If you upload a selfie, own it! If you pretend you took a picture of something and your face just happened to be in the way, no one will buy it. So be proud of your pretty face! You should be aware that some people find selfies annoying and you may get negative comments about it. If your online album consists only of selfies, you should consider a little variety. You should comment on others’ selfies how you would like yours to be commented on. The more “likes” you give others, the more you get.

Jump on new trends.

Selfies have become popular in recent years and it’s fun to be a part of selfie trends. What selfie trends are you getting in your feed? Don’t be shy and join the trend with some photos of your own. Here are a few popular ones: Throwback Thursday: People upload photos of themselves from earlier times every Thursday. So if you can dig up some selfies of you from kindergarten, go for it. Or just post a photo of you from last week. From Where I Stand: This hashtag was created by people who wanted to show the world poignant photos from their own perspectives. Take a picture of your feet when visiting a new country, lying on the beach, or standing on a broken sidewalk. Feminist Selfies: This hashtag is trending on Twitter right now. It’s about posting selfies of yourself, even if you’re not exactly stereotypically beautiful. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Hair Smile: This is all about showing off your hair. If you think your hair is your most beautiful feature, make it the center of attention, not your smile.

Show tact.

Some places are off-limits for selfies, such as funerals or the scene of an accident. Just rely on your common sense. But you can ask yourself the following question: In this situation, could someone be upset that I’m taking a selfie or feel offended? If the answer is yes, postpone your selfie to a later date. Funerals, weddings and other major events are taboo. If someone else is the center of attention, plug the phone back in and let them take the spotlight. The same applies to memorials. No selfies in Auschwitz, in front of the Holocaust memorial or other memorials, especially if tragic events happened in those places.


Try to be as natural as possible or you’ll come across as a braggart. Which is exactly what selfies are all about. Your body will appear slimmer if you stick out one hip. You should be proud of your body the way it is though, because your looks don’t define your abilities. Abs look best from the side. As a man, you should take off the shirt right away, it looks better than just pulling it up, which seems rather sloppy and half-hearted. A cleavage looks best when you’re propping yourself up with your elbows on a bed or the floor. If you have muscles, tighten your arm to show them; this is how the muscles look best.


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