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There are a lot of ideas on how to make money at home especially due to the current situation of the world i.e. the outbreak of the global pandemic COVID-19 in early 2020. The number of time users spends online is surging daily due to the stay at home and lockdown order that is still ongoing in different parts of the world even if there has been ease of these restrictions.

We generally have reasons why we need money such as bill payments, rent, or taking care of our little expenses. Michelle Thomas, a featured author here, would tell us the many ways in which one could make money at home. Most of them are online while others require you to have some knowledge or skill which you can use and offer services to people. Here are 15 ways in which one can make extra money at home:

  1. Freelancing: One of the real ways to make money from home free is by freelancing. Top companies in Canada like Eagle, International Financial Group (IFG) are constantly looking for freelancers. Highly demanding skills such as marketing, writing, and editing, data analysis are always ‘hot cakes’ because companies are always looking for people with such skills.
  2. Blogging: Blogs are ways of expressing people’s views to the outside world. However, when you create a blog, other than just writing content for viewers to see, you can also earn from it. Here are useful tips to follow to make money from a blog:
  3. Let your concentration be on a broad topic such as sports, relationships, finance.
  4. Always aim for quality on any topic and create the best possible sources.
  • Do outreach and learn about search engine optimization.
  1. Start up an online course: If you have specific skills that could solve any problem, then you can trade your skills for money. Whether in written format, audio, or video formats. A good amount of money can be made from teaching a course online. All you have to do is make a video or write about it and post it online.
  2. Youtube: At home, creating a youtube channel and uploading videos is something you can easily do from the comfort of your home. You earn based on the number of viewers for each video which means that you must have an area you are focusing on. Videos such as educational videos, sports, lifestyle attract people’s interest and attention the more they view, the more you earn. Top Canadian youtube channels like VanossGaming, MrSuicideSheep, Unbox Therapy with millions of viewers and subscribers make quite a lot from posting content videos.
  3. Content writing: If you are someone that has a flair for writing, then you need to consider harnessing that skill to make some cash. There are bloggers that are constantly looking for people that can create good content for their website.
  4. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is one of the major ways of earning cash online. If you are eager on how to make money from home part time then affiliate marketing is pretty much easier than it sounds. Your work is to refer visitors and customers to a marketing site or an online mall. Based on your performance you are rewarded for such marketing efforts. In your spare time at home, you can turn to a great affiliate marketer and add extra cash to your pocket.
  5. Cryptocurrency: The world of digital money is becoming popular and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, bitcoin cash, etc, offers a wide range of options you could venture into such as crypto-trading ( buying and selling of cryptocurrencies).
  6. Online Gambling: Gambling is one of the ways to make money from home for free. People usually think that before you can venture into online gambling. You need to have a wide knowledge and skills in games and how they are played. Some of these games like baccarat, slots, blackjack, Different games are available that one could gamble on without much skill. It requires a bit of sheer luck and randomly picking numbers, free keno is an example of such a game.
  7. Podcasting: You can create and host a podcast service as it is a profitable means of making money. You earn money from subscriptions and also get to express your personal passion on highlighted topics, gain professional visibility, and create influence.
  8. Social Media Management: Many business executives and public figures do not have the time to manage their social media accounts. Are you conversant with social media networking and app management? Then you could source and manage some top social media accounts for personalities. This role may also include tasks like replying to emails, taking and sending orders, and making posts on their behalf.
  9. Coding: If you have a thing for computer languages, then in your free time you might want to deploy that passion to develop and build websites. Being a programmer and working to build apps comes with good pay, So it’s a good source of income at home.
  10. Writing and Publishing E-books: Your expertise can be commercialized by writing, publishing, and marketing an ebook. If you are a good writer then you can write e-books with captivating stories that would attract the reader’s interest. Create a site for it and do some outreach on your book. This can bring in some bucks into your pocket as people will pay to have access to your books.
  11. Becoming a Travel Agent: Being a travel agent, is another interesting way to make money online. As a travel agent, you need to offer advisory and booking services to travelers. You can also make reservations for them.
  12. Website Management: If you have the technical know-how. familiarization with WordPress, Plugins, then you can do basic updates, the source for freelance writers for small businesses around your area. This can be done from the comfort of your home while you get paid by them.
  13. SEO Work for small business: Search Engine Optimization is key to being found online. Many local businesses that have little idea about website creation needs help with SEO work to have their businesses found. Canadian based SEO companies like BlueHat Marketing, Ignite Digital, Konstrust Digital offer the best SEO services for your business brand.


These are but some of the ways to make extra money online while at home. Nowadays, people make so much from the comfort of their homes provided they have a mobile device and the internet. There are a lot of opportunities to explore and add more cash to your pockets.

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